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How to make a BIG splash!

My son loves to swim. Given the choice, I believe that he would be in the water from sunup to sundown (he and I are a lot alike).  Like every kid, he is fascinated by the cannonball. He'll try anything to make his lean 60 lb frame generate the biggest splash possible. Of course, like any good father, I will occasionally teach by example and show him how to do it. He always says the same thing... "How do you DO that?!" I tell him years of experience. It makes me feel better than the truth of the matter. Sometimes, it pays to be (relatively) bigger. Bigger size = bigger impact = bigger splash! Say, did you know that AlphaGraphics of Carrollton prints large format? Yep, we sure do! We can help you make a bigger impact with your marketing.  With widths up to 59" and lengths to 100 ft, we can help you guarantee that you'll get noticed. Need new posters to get your message out? We can do that! How about window graphics to make your next sale stand out or draw attention to your business? We can do that too. My personal favorite though, is the large format wall graphics. Placing one behind a reception area is a great way to put your branding where everyone can see it. We even go beyond printing though! We can laminate, mount, and even mount double-sided so no one misses out on your message. Give us a call and see what we can do for your next campaign. Big color, large format, BIG SPLASH!!!  

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