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A Reason to be Thankful

As a child, one of the first things my parents taught me was to say "Please" and "Thank You".  When I was younger, I thought that saying "Please" was better by far. I liked the results. "Hey Mom, can I have some lunch?" was received with a blank stare. "Mom, can you make me a sandwich please?" was a magic phrase resulting in a full stomach. As we learned about the pilgrims in grade school and the hardships they faced, it was hard to understand why the pilgrims celebrated scraping by with a feast and prayers of thanksgiving. Thanksgiving to me was the kick-off to the Christmas season and a great reason to play with my cousins and eat too much. I thought about what it was like for the pilgrims and  couldn't see that they had much to be thankful for. They were cold, hungry, and they didn't get any pumpkin pie. As I gain more experience, I'm beginning to realize that being thankful has benefits beyond the instant gratification of just saying 'Please" to get what I want. I find it amazing that remembering all of the wonderful things can make the most stressful of days easier to bear. It's actually been proven! You can read a great short article here about the benefits if you need more evidence. What does this have to do with marketing or printing, you ask? Nothing. And everything. As we look to Thanksgiving next week, we just want all of you to know how thankful we are that you have made a decision to let us help you with your print and marketing! What a year it's been! We're thankful for the technology that has made communicating with you easier! We're thankful that you all like to play games with us and make our days more enjoyable! (Bingo anyone?) Most of all: We are thankful for the relationships we have been able to build, the new friendships we have made, and the fact that our owners have worked to build a family business in every sense of the word. Thank you for being a part of the AlphaGraphics of Carrollton family!    

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