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4 Quick Tips for Marketing Using Traditional Printed Items

              Marketing data suggests that those who focus marketing efforts on just online efforts miss many potential customers. 15% of consumers still say that a newspaper ad would prompt them to make a purchase and 13% would respond similarly to a magazine advertisement. These numbers aren’t like they used to be but they are certainly avenues of marketing that shouldn't be ignored. Let’s take a look at marketing using traditional printing services. 1. Print is focused. A compelling printed piece can focus on one product or service.  A printed piece is not a billboard. Cramming too much into small spaces looks cluttered and turns off prospective customers. Focus makes printed pieces attractive and easy to read and understand. 2. Print Can Communicate A Clear Message Print works but it must be planned. Carefully think about the purpose of each piece. What do you want your printing to accomplish? Do you want awareness? Do you want to inform your target market? Do you want to motivate prospects to take action? Plan this before they enter into the design and production state. Develop that message and printed piece that will get noticed, get remembered and get talked about. 3. Print Gives You Many Options – It’s more than advertising. It’s more than mailing. It’s more than just brochures. Find ways to use business cards, post cards, and printed marketing in creative ways to get your message out. 4. Put Printed Items Where Your Target Market Is – Print is most effective when you reach your appropriate audience. If your audience likes and responds to direct mail, send them something printed. If they like meeting you in person, provide the right look and feel with your business card. If they visit you, offer a professionally printed brochure as a take away. Different target markets like different printed items. Use what is best for your target market, not just you. Printed marketing continues to be a viable tool for the effective marketer. These tips for marketing using traditional printed media will help guide you in effective print campaigns.  

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