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How Do You Get New Customers?

          One of our favorite questions for   customers and prospects is, “How do you Get New Customers?” Many will tell us about word of mouth. Others will talk about direct mail, networking, online marketing and more. Today more and more are adding social media and mobile marketing websites. The good news? Each on of these items fall within the expertise of AG Carrollton. Marketing is made up of many many things, all working together at the same It could be the items mentioned above but it could also be a phone call, a hand shake, a drive by or something intentional from your on and offline marketing.time. Marketing is a process, not an event. It’s more than just a campaign. It usually takes 6-7 touches to a target market to get a prospect into purchase readiness mode. That means if and when they want your product or service, they will think of you if they’ve been touched 6 or 7 times with different parts of your marketing. One of the keys to your marketing planning is to think: INTEGRATION. Different customers like to be touched in different ways. Some like online communication. Some prefer face-to-face buying while others prefer something in the mail. This means your marketing ought to be approached with integration in mind. Offline marketing helps online marketing that helps offline marketing and more; all round and round feeding each step of the way even more. With all that being said, though, you can’t do everything there is to marketing. We cant either. The job at hand at that point is to pick and choose what works best with your prospects and target markets. If you’re not sure, do some testing. Find something that works and repeat it. If it doesn't work, change it and test it again. If it kind of worked, fix it and do it again. Not sure where to start? Ask an expert. Brainstorm what you think works then work with an expert to narrow it down to what has a high probability of working, within your budget and conducive to many touches to your target market.  

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