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Marketing and Imagination – It is Unlimited

We are always on the lookout from new and innovative marketing ideas of all kinds. Here are some we have run across. While they are all not necessarily using printing, mailing and some of the traditional marketing services we are used to getting involved with, they are very innovative. The purpose of us sharing these with you is to get that imaginative factor in your mind working. Think Imagination!! Let us know your ideas, no matter how unconventional.
  • Microsoft teamed up with Forbes magazine and T-mobile to insert a miniature hotspot into selected copies of its May 6 2013 issue.
  • Shopping carts fitted with NFC-enabled tablets. When users placed a Hellmann’s product in their trolley, the display showed potential meal ideas they could make with the other items on the shelves next to them. According to the company, sales rose by 70 percent.
  • For the launch of the new Karl Lagerfeld Store in Amsterdam in April, the fashion label tapped into consumer desire to share purchases with friends and family by placing iPads in changing rooms, loaded with an app that enables shoppers to take photos of their look, apply a filter and post online.
  • The Rescue Drive campaign, conceived by Brazilian agency Monumenta for Orca Chevrolet, set out to create a marketing experience only for those whose car had broken down. Working with a local tow company, the brand was able to target test drives at consumers in need of a free lift home.
  • Momentum Madrid worked with Coca-Cola to create a vending machine selling its Limon Y Nada beverage, fitted with a temperature sensor that detected how warm it was in the location it was placed. When the temperature rose, the price of the drink was automatically reduced in order to offer smart discounts at exactly the right moment.

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