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Marketing With Signs

There are not many businesses that are in business as a hobby. Most businesses want to sell something and make a profit. Duh! Part of making a profit is letting customers and potential customers know about you as well as you can, as efficiently as you can and as cost effectively as you can. This means raising your company identity and brand awareness. Identity is the blending of your creative visual elements of your logo design, marketing communication materials, banners, stationery and signs. Small businesses and organizations need to gain visibility and build brand recognition in the minds of their target markets. One way to do this fast and cost effectively is with signs; signs of all types, size and shapes. By putting your company identity on things like lawn signs, point of purchase displays, banners, grand opening signs, window clings and vehicle signage, customers and prospects, both will be introduced to your brand efficiently and effectively. When thinking of marketing with signs think about these:
  • Build familiarity with your target market by placing a sign near a high traffic location where your target market is.
  • Use attention-getting signs to draw attention to your trade show display.
  • Make a memorable impression with point of purchase display signage. This includes any thing used in the retail environment: banners, door signs, counter display signs, table top displays, wall posters and the like.
  • Sell with menus; not just restaurants but for any retail products offered.
  • Announce events
  • Direct customers and prospects with instructional posters and directional signage.
  • Attract new customers with special offers and incentives
  • Brand recognition – create top of mind awareness by placing your logo, colors, company look and feel in front of those that could by from you, over and over and over, with signs.
  • Create impulse sales – visit a store because a sign was observed in the busy, cluttered space of marketing messages.  
The use of signage to market a business is only limited by your imagination and your desire to put your marketing message right between the eyes of your target market members. Get creative. Take advantage of size. Get attention. Get remembered and most of all get talked about…..all with creative signage. 

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