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Instant Postcard To Extend Your Reach

   You may be one of those people who want to extend their reach and generate new leads but aren’t sure where to start or even how to do that. Fear not. It’s time for the easy to read, easy to implement, blog post to give you the nudge you have been waiting for. This is the instant postcard formula.

Direct mail is still a very economical vehicle for generating leads and extending your reach. It is very targeted and measurable and easily repeated. Pay close attention. This won’t take long and it works. 7 parts - (assuming you have developed your target list): Part 1 – Something to grab attention on the non-stamp side; a quote or headline, an attention getting graphic, something extreme and unexpected. Part 2 – On the reverse side (the stamp side), split the card in half. On the right half goes the stamp, the return address and the address of the receiver. Part 3 – On the left side, another attention getting headline at the top of this half. Part 4 – Benefit bullet points of your solution or the way you will alleviate the pain point. Part 5 – An offer Part 6 – A call to action – tell the receiver what to do next. Don't leave to chance that they know what to do. It can be as simple as “call us today.” Part 7 – In a startburst, centered at the top, put in a marketing hook. A marketing hook is an offer of information that is valuable to a prospect. It can be a free report, a pdf download, an e-book, a special article or list. If we were sending one out our information  hook might be a free special report of 99 direct mail tips. People will call you for the hook which then is a time to have a conversation, kick into your selling process and start a relationship. That's it. Don't overcomplicate it. Make it look professional, inviting and pleasing and you will be on your way to generating those leads that are so valuable to you. Repeat this month after month but don't vary it too much. Frequency is important in direct mail and if you vary it too much, a receiver’s memory process has to start over. It’s ok to mail the same thing each month for 3 straight months. That way you can print a larger batch and save some money compared to 3 individual quantities. Get help if you need it; graphics help, printing help, marketing help and/or mailing help. Try it, test it, modify it, rinse and repeat. Happy Marketing!!

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