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Think Big to Extend Your Reach

If you are thinking of extending your reach to your customers and prospects, sometimes thinking big is the solution. When we say think big we are referring to big signs (we call them large format printing), big banners and posters. Reach can definitely be extended at trade show booths, in stores, outside of your business’s location and many more places to grab the attention of your prospects. Consider this:
  • —  People enter businesses simply because of an attention getting sign.
  • —  An attention getting sign leads to a sale in many cases.
According to the International Sign Association: ◦  Signage is the least expensive but most effective form of advertising. ◦  Signage can be responsible for half of your customers ◦  Without signage you may not get a loan for your business ◦  Signage is an investment that will pay a return many times over. Customers walk into a business expecting signs. With today’s customer’s shopping habits signs open the door to opportunity, literally. Consumers are bombarded by over 3000 marketing messages a day. Standing out is key to any business success. Signs and large format posters and banners do this. We now have in house the necessary technology to allow us to produce signs, banners and posters out of different substrates in many different sizes and shapes. Imagine a life size cut out of your store manager greeting customers. Signage should be part of your marketing planning. Plan out strategically how you will use them and what the messaging and graphics will be. Consult with a marketing services pro to help you with this. Here are some other strategic and planning considerations*: Location: Sign location is one of the most influential factors of sign effectiveness. Observe in-store customer flow patterns and develop signs that build and create an in-store selling experience. The size of the text depends upon the distance of where you want customers to see the sign. Simple: Keep the messaging as simple as possible – especially if the sign/banner is meant to be seen at a distance (no one wants to read a paragraph from 30 feet away). Color: Colors attract attention and enhance the message (or detract from the message). Be bold in your use of colors but be careful not to wash out the message. Imagery: Images can tell a story better than words. Find imagery that will help limit the amount of text you use, making the written message stand out even more clearly. Dimensional: Make the sign visible from multiple angles or get creative and make a dimensional sign that can change depending on where customers view it. Make this coming year, your year to think big and to extend your reach! *from AlphaGraphics blog

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