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Marketing With Signs, Signs as Marketing

Want to see a sign? Just look around. They, literally, are everywhere. There are so many signs all around us that they you don't notice them until you look for them. They do have an effect on you whether you believe they do or not and they certainly influence your customers and prospects. You don't realize this influence but they are quite effective. Many businesses think that a sign is just something that they have to have to identify their business. Sign can be used in so many other applications. Signs can be used to influence customers and prospects. Signs are marketing. That mindset will turn your signs into effective marketing; realizing their fullest potential beyond just an identifying mechanism. Sure branding and identity is important. Sure, location oriented signs and directional signs are important but signs can also be used to offer information about your business and products. Think: marketing with signs. Approach signage as a way to get new customers. Communicating your identity, benefits, maybe an offer will gain more attention than just a logo and name. Sure identity is important. Stay consistent with the look and feel, the colors and image of your business. Marketing is not a hobby. It is your job to motivate prospects to take action. This may be in the form of a message to create an impulse buy. That is a highly desirable action that is an objective of your marketing. Take advantage of the various shapes, sizes, material, colors and printing that can go on a sign to achieve this marketing objective. Did you know you can get a life size cutout of a full size person? Imagine that starburst with a caption communicating a message. That gets remembered. Marketing that gets remembered, works. Signs are marketing that works. Their design and use is only limited by your imagination.  

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