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Referrals Rock!!

Referrals Rock! Ask any business where they get most of their business from and they will most likely tell you, “word of mouth.” Word of mouth is one form of referrals. Referrals do rock and they can increase your business quickly if you follow a few easy to do tactics and methods. First you have to ask for referrals. If your referrals aren’t coming in to fuel your business and you aren’t asking for them, you now know what an easy fix could be for that. Ask for them. Who do you know that could use our products and services? There I just asked you, reading this, for a referral. Secondly, its always ideal to ask for referrals when those that you are asking are at the peak of enthusiasm. Sometimes this is when they are writing you a check; sometimes they are bragging about your products and services or other times they just want to share a favorable experience with a friend or colleague. That’s when you ask for referrals. Narrow the mind when asking for referrals. Instead of asking someone for a referral from everyone they know, ask them who they know that they golf with or go to dinner club with. You are more likely to get one or two referrals if those that you are asking don't have to tax their thinking with thinking of everyone they know. Always describe how the best way to give you a referral is and what type of person or business you want referred to you. You can offer an incentive or reward for a referral that turns into business. Be careful here. Some companies frown on gift giving from suppliers. Rewarded behavior gets repeated. Who else can you ask for referrals from? Look around at those you work with or contact often: your banker, your accountant, your attorney, your suppliers of various products or services. Referrals work. Referrals rock. Word of mouth works. Using technology in these areas puts the referral process on steroids. Now go ask someone who they know that could use your products or services! Happy marketing!

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