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Trade Show Exhibit Best Practices

Get Attention with Graphics, Signs and Displays – Use color, attention-getting graphics, organized displays all to invite a passing visitor to engage with you. Large format signs and printing have taken trade show exhibiting by storm. Take advantage of this efficient marketing to extend your reach and get attention. Exhibit at Related and Unrelated Shows and Expos – You may even think of exhibiting at unrelated shows. Sporting goods equipment companies market at medical tradeshows. Swimming pool manufacturers market at vacation and trip shows and expos. Stand out and make sure you target right. Market the benefits of the show. Don't just talk about being at the tradeshow, your booth, your products and services and all the events happening at the trade show. Talk more about the benefits to those attending. Just like your product benefits sell, features tell. Attend Trades Shows You Want to Consider Exhibiting At Before Exhibiting – Marketing for the first time at a new trade show is untested territory. Just by attending (before exhibiting) you will learn a lot. You will learn what successful exhibitors do, what visitors do and what they don't want or do. Do your homework first from the perspective of a visitor. Target your exhibit – over 50% of your trade show success will be because you are exhibiting to the right people. Miss the target, miss the marketing. Hit the target and watch your marketing skyrocket. Create marketing buzz before, during and after the show. Inform prospects before the tradeshow of your attendance (and benefits). Make announcements at the show. Follow up, follow up, follow up, after the show. Call interested prospects first and fast. Work the tradeshow – Sales people standing around is worthless to your company. Train them how to approach people, start conversations and how to network. It is different than normal day-to-day selling activity. Set goals, have fun, make it productive. These are just a few to consider. Trade shows continue to be an essential component to many company’s marketing. Consider adding them to your marketing mix but do them right. Practice these best practices. In a world of social media, websites, emails, and voice mails, trade shows offer one of the true opportunities to build relationships with face-to-face contact. Something every business can use to extend their reach.

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