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You Are An Expert

Did you know you are an expert? Whether you claim it or not, your customers do. People like to buy from experts. People have confidence in experts. People trust experts. People do business with experts. Think about your own personal situation. When you buy a car, you talk to a car expert. When you buy a washer and dryer, you talk to an appliance expert. Your customers feel the same way. It is a mistake if you reply to your customer, “Whatever you prefer or whatever you want.” They come to you for expertise and with expertise comes recommendation. People rely on your experience. Your experience contributes to your expertise. You've been there and done that and that is worth something to a prospect or customer. Look at it the other way around. Would you want to do business with someone who has zero experience in what you are about to purchase? Everybody is an expert in something. It’s ok to say that. Being an expert in your prospects and customers eyes is powerful positioning. Positioning is free and works. You want to be known as the “go-to” person in your industry. Being the “go-to” person gives you a whole lot to market. Positioning doesn't happen just by calling yourself an expert. You still have to earn your way, prove your way and let your customers tell you how much of an expert you are. The next time you are in a prospecting situation or need to differentiate yourself from the competition, try stating that you are an expert. One further thought related to expertise. Anytime you can announce or state that you are “the only one in the world” about something, you will benefit greatly. Turn it into marketing and you will then be an expert in success!!

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