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December Marketing Checklist

    Read these, check these off, figure out what to do next, don't procrastinate, celebrate small successes, celebrate large successes:
  • Continue business development in any fashion despite Holiday schedules. Some one is going to get business. It might as well be you.
  • Start or continue brainstorming those areas that need more marketing attention in the coming year.
  • Reach out, before the busy Holiday time, to wish your best customers a Happy Holiday and a prosperous New Year. No need to send cards. A phone call or hand-shake is an effective marketing touch.
  • Offer extra service during the busy times. Offer to work after hours. Encourage hot-line phone calls for questions. Try not to let Holiday activity or schedules to deter business; yours or your customers.
  • Offer any online business transactions that your business allows. People purchase Holiday gifts online, why not let them do business with you online.
  • Choose a charitable organization, non-profit group or cause to give to; give money, time, resources or words of encouragement. This is a time of giving so give.
  • Your employees are working hard during this time. Make sure you pay attention to them; recognize them; reward them; encourage them; help them and thank them. Words of appreciation go a long way.
  • Since it is a time for giving, ask for referrals. Ask, who else your good customers know that could use your services and products in the coming year. In times of giving people are more likely to refer.
  • Celebrate. Celebrate not only on a particular day but the whole week. Invite others to join you in celebration. Spread the joy. Joy is an effective marketing tactic.
  • Show appreciation to the media. Invite them into your business. You never know what, of your December activity, will be publicized. Maybe you are a Toys for Tots drop off location; maybe you are sponsoring a particular cause. Tell the world. Tell your market.
  • Take time for your self. A rested marketer is a better marketer. Keep your focus. Keep your energy. Keep your charge and improve every day but don't burn out on the times of hustle bustle.
  • Happy Holidays to you.

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