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7 Steps to Effective Sign Marketing

When marketing a business, one of the first things you have to do is to get a prospective customer’s attention. This means that you have to stand out from the many marketing messages that consumers receive daily, you have to have something visually appealing and you want a clear message so that you are remembered. That's sign marketing 101. Those are the key things to concentrate on when thinking about integrating signs into your marketing mix.   A picture is worth 1000 words could never be more true than when it comes to marketing with signs. First impressions are very important. Prospective buyers make quick judgments and related purchase decisions every day about a business based many times on that first impression. Signs of all types can achieve that positive, purchase-inducing first impression.   Surveys show that prospective buyers rate the quality of your business based on their first impressions and more specifically signage. This is the case whether you are pointing the way, announcing an offer or making sure your branding and messaging hits your prospective buyer right between the eyes. When purchasing signs, evaluate these points to develop your sign effectiveness.   Think of that sign as an enlarged business card, just like at a networking event, your sign will give away your business personality and character. People judge. That's a fact. Take advantage of it.   Talk to a sign expert, a marketing expert and make sure your message is clear and your graphics are appealing. This sounds like common sense but it is not always common practice. You never want to confuse a prospect. Clarity rules in all of marketing.   7 Steps to effective Sign Marketing:
  1. Be attractive and get Noticed, even from far away
  2. Have clear messaging
  3. Professional designs will win out and stand out
  4. Branding and logo’s should be present consistently
  5. Be concise and clear
  6. Keep updated, fresh and relevant; you may have to change your signage from time to time.
  7. Put signs where those that can buy from you will see them.

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