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Visual Marketing Gets Remembered - Signs as Part of Your Business Marketing

We have talked about it before but have you really considered the impact signs and banners can have on your business? How can they really be used to your advantage. Let’s take a look.   Signs and banners can be one of the most effective means of communicating to your target market and prospects. Signs are part of your identity especially as people pass by or visit repeatedly. Signs can market your products and services. Signs really tell your customers and prospects, who you really are and what your business is all about. Visual marketing gets remembered.   A sign or a banner is the most direct form of visual marketing available. Signs market when you cant be there in person and are available to everyone. Put them where your target market frequents and your marketing ROI goes up.   When thinking about signs in your marketing plan use them to provide information, direction and calls to action and use them to maintain and enhance your identity. All of this is done with targeted prospects as well as those that might just pass by your place of business.   Ask yourself the question, “Does everyone that can buy from you, know about you?” If your business location is drowning in the sea of competitive businesses where you all look alike, signs can be the differentiation that makes you stand out and eventually chosen by those that can buy from you, especially if you are communicating information about your products and services offered.   Signs can build the identity for your business and help you relate and associate with the target market segment you are trying to reach.   Whether you are targeting millenials, the senior market or your average purchaser, signs can be designed to be attractive to each, introducing your business to them and inviting them to partake.   We continue to mention the effectiveness of this marketing vehicle. We say that are effective and efficient. Consider the materials, the shape, the size, the design and the message when creating your signs. Signs can be inexpensive, are easily produced, practical and easy to use, always present and very targeted. Not a lot of marketing can perform in the same way.   Consider signs for your marketing and use this summary for a discussion with a sign expert, preferably one that is involved in all facets of marketing and understands extending your reach:  
  • Signs are targeted to your target market in your trading area.
  • Signs are always present, marketing when you cant be present.
  • Signs get noticed and good signs get remembered.
  • Signs can be changed for special offers or new information.
  • Signs can be inexpensive when compared to other marketing, like advertising.
  • Signs are easy to produce and can be done quickly.
  • Signs can be used by any business. You don't need a marketing degree or any special talents to implement their use.
  • Put signs in place once and they market over and over and over.
  Happy Marketing and let us know how we can help with this in your overall marketing.

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