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The Direct Mail Marketing Formula

There is no doubt that all marketing competes with all other marketing when it comes to being in front of prospective buyers eyes. That includes online, offline, audio, video, and even marketing that touches the other senses.

  Direct mail marketing is still one of the more cost effective means of gaining prospects. It is very targeted, can be done on a continuous and frequent basis, can be saved, touched and referred to others; all components of very good marketing.   In today’s world of marketing clutter gaining attention is first and foremost assuming you have done your job, targeting your prospective buyer market. Getting attention can take many forms.   With all the online barraging going on, personalization is key. The marketing experts will encourage you to talk one on one with your prospect, whether it is with social media, radio or direct mail. Personalization allows this to happen.   The marketing experts will also always advise to humanize your brand. What better way to humanize a brand then to have a conversation with a prospect? You can do this with direct mail marketing.   You've heard us say that you have to get attention, get noticed, get remembered and then get talked about; more holy grails of marketing. Whether it's a graphic, a quote, a catchy headline and strong call to action, colors or shapes. Put some thought into getting attention right now.   Standing out in the direct mail pile may take a different shaped mail piece. Think in terms of what can be produced and mailed that people will remember and what will they talk about with their friend and family. Yes those crazy mail pieces that you have seen, get talked about. It’s like telling stories about direct mail.   In addition to getting noticed, the biggest take away we can encourage you to consider is the frequency aspect of direct mail. Its better to mail 1000 targeted prospects a mailing five times as opposed to mailing 5000 targeted prospects one time. Because of the frequency being higher in the first example, the response rate will go up.   So it all boils down to doing a good job targeting your direct mail. Any direct mail expert can help you frame the specifications of your target market. Secondly, mailing something that will hit your target market, square between the eyes; get noticed and gain attention, and lastly do it often enough so you will be remembered and talked about. That's your simple formula to your pathway to gaining new prospects that turn into long-term customers. Happy Marketing ! Photo Attribution:

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