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7-step plan for Sign Marketing

7-step plan for Sign Marketing fourpictures1b In today’s competitive times, many small businesses are always looking for new ways to reach customers and prospects and maximizing their revenue while being sensitive to their marketing budgets It's a fact that, traditional print, radio and TV advertising is simply unaffordable for a small business. Online pay-per-click ads can be cost prohibitive, especially if they don't work. One solution, present for every business is to take advantage of marketing space you already have and market with signs. Effective signage continues to work for you instantly and in to the future. The key is reaching those that can buy from you. The best of all? Signs are very cost effective compared to other marketing. Effective signage is truly the difference between finding new customers, revenue growth and status quo. Many businesses, unfortunately view signs as an after-thought, and don't think out the best way to implement sign marketing. Putting forward and executing your “Sign Marketing Plan,” is the answer.   Here is your 7-step plan for Sign Marketing: 1.   Identify your target market – Who can buy what you are selling, where do they show up, how would you describe them, what are they interested in, what are there motivations? 2.   Where are there opportunities for signs that your target market will see – point of purchase, vehicles driving buy, windows, on the outside of the building, directional within a place of business, billboards, hand held/carried, trade show booths, other business locations, yards and more. 3.   What message do you want to communicate – calls to action, directions, special offers, benefits, brands, general information, etc. 4.   Where do you place signs – See No. 2 above and identify the specifics for these general places. 5.   Sign design – size, colors, texture, attention grabbers, designs, branding, logo, identity, message and more. 6.   What is the implementation plan – Design, printing, production, site installation (hanging or posting) and most importantly, consulting with a sign expert. 7.   Measuring results – coupon codes, requests for mentions of the sign, asking customers how they found out about you. If they work, repeat it and place the signs in more places. If it kind of works, fix it. If it doesn't work, get rid of it and try something else. Rinse and repeat.  

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