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In Search of Good Design

Can you define "good" design? I think most of us agree that even if we don't exactly know how to define it, we certainly know it when we see it! Common attributes of good design are easy to spot, such as pleasing shape, form, color and size. Other clues include imagination, appropriateness, and perhaps even efficiency. My earliest forays into design always seemed to involve box tops. I didn't really do anything very creative with them, but somehow I felt that the inside of the top of a gift box made a natural frame that was suitable for my crayon princesses with their funky high heels and lavish crowns. By second grade, I was designing books and passing them out to my friends. I loved expressing myself with art, and still enjoy playing with color, substrates and shapes. My formal education took me in a different direction, though, and I've spent my career as a musician and then in marketing. I've learned to hold a great deal of respect for the professional designers who spend countless hours mastering the science of art, particularly the creation of graphic design. Their skills touch our lives continually, from the look of our cereal boxes in the morning, to the mail we receive, and countless other forms of communications that cross our desks daily. We maintain a full-service graphic arts staff, who are in our art studio daily working on projects that range from websites to business cards to direct mail, and almost anything else you could imagine. Their ability to understand the ins and outs of demanding software and unforgiving files is a real gift that they have honed by constantly updating their education and refining their craft. The biggest talent they bring to us? Their willingness to spend time cheerfully educating our customers in how to create files that don't disappoint, and making sure that when your own imagination fails, theirs is always ready to help!

When you need professional design services, we're ready...even if you bring us a princess on a box top!

_________________________________________ Our professional designers can bring your ideas to life. To discuss a project, call Sherry Perry at 214-363-1101 or email her at

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