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5 Marketing Tips to Get 2021 Off To A Successful Start

Even though 2020 was a challenging year, it was also a great teacher. Many businesses discovered that they are capable of adjusting much quicker than they ever thought possible and that change – like a more flexible workplace – could bring about some unexpected benefits.  Regardless of what 2020 brought your company, it's time to start planning for the new year. There are plenty of opportunities to be found in 2021, and our team at AlphaGraphics Uptown | Park Cities | North Dallas is here to help! Here are five marketing tips that will help you get 2021 off to a successful start.  

Offer a Consistent Branding Experience

Take a look at all of your marketing materials such as your letterhead, exterior signage, business cards, brochures, and other business essentials. Do they use consistent branding? Or are they a mishmash of old logos and new logos and different colors? Consistent branding is seen to increase revenue by 33%.  At our AlphaGraphics print center, our graphic design team will work with you to create an entire suite of coordinated designs across all of your business materials.  We also offer agOnline – a custom online ordering platform that allows you to develop and order standardized company materials, even across multiple locations. This means your offices on the east coast, the west coast, and all the offices in between can quickly and easily order their marketing and business materials while allowing you to control inventory, eliminate waste, improve delivery times, and reduce costs!  

Stay Connected with Remote Workforce

Employee Welcome Box Design and Shipping North Dallas Park CitiesYour customer's experience relies heavily on your employees. Now more than ever, it's essential to put time and effort into maintaining a healthy, positive workplace environment. Sure, finding ways to reach out and stay connected are a bit tougher right now, but they can also be more fun! Try shipping everyone a care package filled with fun branded promotional items to open during a team meeting. Or onboard new team members by sending them a box filled with their new business cards and other needed company materials. Our new agBox line of products allows you to easily create customized boxes for a variety of needs and purposes.  

A Fresh Take on Your Advertising

What is your advertising saying? Do your signs feel dated? Does your messaging match the current environment? Help your business stand out by refreshing your advertising. Update anything that looks or sounds old or lacks a wow factor.  Be especially critical of your direct mail, signage, and window graphics – with fewer people visiting your physical location, it's more important than ever to make sure your external-facing communications speak loud and clear.  

Set Your Marketing Budget

When looking at your budget for next year, you might be tempted to reduce your marketing budget as a way to shave expenses. A lot of businesses will be doing this for 2021. If you can, find something else to cut or reduce. By investing in your marketing for 2021, you will stand out at a time when many of your competitors are shrinking back.  

Review Last Year's Successes and Failures and Plan Accordingly

Postcard Design & Printing North Dallas Park Cities TXYes, 2020 was a weird year, but that doesn't mean you can't learn from it. Look back at your advertising in 2020 to determine which led to the most successful results. If you didn't set a way to measure success, make that your first change for 2021. Sending a postcard is great, but sending a postcard with a defined and trackable action for your potential customer to take is better. Reviewing and understanding what you did, what worked, and why is a critical step to increasing your marketing spend ROI in the new year.  

Your Uptown | Park Cities | North Dallas Resource for Print, Signage, and Marketing!

Ready to start 2021 off strong? We're here to help.  For 35 years, the experienced team of professionals at our AlphaGraphics Uptown | Park Cities | North Dallas print center has helped businesses and organizations across Dallas meet their marketing goals. From design to production to shipping, we do it all. Simply said, our goal is to make your job easier. Don't take our word for it!  Hundreds of customers have left us public reviews raving about our personal service, attention to detail, high quality, and fast turnaround times. Contact us today or request a quote for your next project. We can't wait to help you start 2021 off strong!

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