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Rebranding? Here's What You Need to Know

Branding, a combination of your company’s values, messaging, and image, matters. Factors such as the use of a signature color, imagery, and authenticity have a dramatic impact on how your customers perceive your company and on their purchase decisions. In fact, brand consistency has been shown to increase revenue by 33%! If your branding feels unfocused, misaligned, or outdated, taking the time to research and plan out your rebranding process will pay off dividends in the end. Don’t worry; we’ve broken it down for you here, so the fact that you are reading this blog to learn more is a solid first step in the right direction!  

Do You Need to Rebrand?

We mentioned above that brand consistency affects revenue. Therefore, you may be tempted to think rebranding is the ideal solution to counteract slow sales. We caution you to think this through thoroughly. There is a lot of marketing work that must go into establishing new branding. Do not rebrand just because you aren’t getting much business or recognition in the area. There are probably other solutions to those problems that will be more efficient than changing your company identity. Some good reasons to undergo a rebrand include:
  • You are expanding your products/services
  • You are undergoing a merger
  • Your company’s values have changed
  • Your customer demographic has changed
While there are other circumstances that call for a rebrand, these are some of the most common reasons.


Elements to Consider When Rebranding

As we stated above, a good rebranding effort starts with a firm foundation of planning. First, look at your customer demographics. What audience are you trying to reach? Do not just guess who your customers are. Dig into data to thoroughly understand who is buying from you and why. How will your new branding align with this audience? Next, consider your company’s values and goals. What do you do? Why do you do it? How do you reflect that information in your brand? Go beyond thinking short-term. Nail down the overall, long-term vision of your company and the identity you want to be known for. With your customers and company goals in mind, think about how to reflect this identity in your logo, slogan, and other branded materials. Do not rush the design process. Get professional marketing services to help you keep cohesive messaging and appearance across all mediums. Logo Rebranding Logo Design North Dallas Park Cities TX  

What You Need to Reprint During a Rebrand

Now we get into some of the more nitty-gritty work! Rebranding should be an all-in endeavor. Taking it in bits and pieces may be tempting in terms of your budget, but in the end, it’s likely to leave your customers confused, resulting in more harm than good. To help guide you, we’ve broken down the materials that will require rebranding into categories.  

Signage and business materials

With a new vision in mind and a professional, well-planned foundation in place, it’s time to take action! You will need to convert all of your company-related materials to reflect your new branding. To begin, anything with your old logo will need to be updated, including:
  • Change your signage. This includes updated signage outside your physical business space, as well as inside your business.
  • Reprint your business cards, envelopes, letterhead, and other materials to reflect your new logo.
  • Do your employees wear nametags? If they include your logo, you will need to reprint them.
Take a look around the office and company space for any other business materials that include elements of your old brand. It is important to be thorough to avoid mixed messaging.  

Marketing materials

Marketing materials are some of the most critical parts of the rebranding process. You want customers old and new to recognize your brand and begin rebuilding a connection with it. Create new promotional materials—print brochures, flyers, and direct mail advertisements that show off your new brand. You may consider sending something specifically to loyal customers, letting them about the change, and inviting them to check out the new look. This can help with customer retention by keeping them informed of what’s going on with your company and help them recognize the new logo. Do you have advertisements posted in the area, such as posters, banner stands, vehicle graphics, or sidewalk signs? In addition to ensuring brand consistency, updating these items will have the added benefit of refreshing interest! Those who have passed by your sign or poster a hundred times will now take notice of the fresh image. You only have one chance to make a first impression (or second in this case!). Make sure your new marketing materials highlight the values and identity of your company. Strong, consistent messaging is key.

Internal materials

Look at internal materials, including your reports and training guides. Even nonpublic-facing documents should be consistent with your new logo and company identity. Also, examine the contents of your training materials. Depending on the reason for your rebrand, you may need to add new information and instruction. For example, you may be introducing a new line of products that your employees need to understand, or perhaps your company values have shifted, and you need to make sure everyone is giving the same messaging to customers.


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