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Three Spring Marketing Tips That Will Get You Noticed

As spring gets into full swing, people will be enjoying the weather and change of pace in the new season. Many people view spring as a time of new life and growth. This makes it the perfect season to refresh your marketing and kickstart growth in your business. Not sure how to go about putting some spring in your marketing step?  Here are a few ideas for you to consider.

Do some “spring cleaning” on your marketing materials.

Do your marketing materials feel tired, or are you concerned people are ignoring them after seeing them so often? Consider a refresh! The first step - assess whether the core of your marketing messaging and branding is still relevant. If you’ve long suspected that branding is outdated or your messaging is falling on deaf ears, it may be time to consider a rebranding. Not sure? Check out our blog on the topic titled Rebranding, What to Know.  It’s more likely true that you are looking for an opportunity to put a fresh spin on the solid messaging and branding foundation you’ve built. If this is the case, consider incorporating spring colors or themes into your signage, newsletters, and other print materials for the season. The fresh theme will not only add interest, but it will also allow you to tap into the excitement and energy that surrounds the season.  We even encourage you to get creative with it. The unexpected is a valuable tool for getting noticed!  

Incorporate spring into social media posts.

Social media is a great place for businesses to engage with consumers and build brand awareness. What better way to do this than to associate your company with something fun? Tie your spring social media posts to fun events like Mother’s Day or graduation ceremonies. These events already resonate with people emotionally, so they’re likely to engage with related content. Some companies hold online contests related to the spring holidays! The important part is engaging with people and making positive associations with your business while forging new relationships or rekindling old ones.  

Offer spring promotions and giveaways.

New products and signage are a sure way to catch somebody’s eye, especially those who frequent your business and are used to the same sights. Consider holding a spring sale or promotion and/or offering limited-time, spring-themed products. And most importantly, make sure everyone knows about the promotion!  Create a direct-mail campaign to get the word out. Put up sidewalk signs and window graphics to catch the attention of people passing by and get them excited about what’s going on. Sell a service rather than a product? Don’t be lured into thinking that only business-to-consumer companies get to have all the fun. Opportunities abound for business-to-business companies willing to think outside the box as well. For example, companies often center most of their customer appreciation efforts around November and December. Consider moving your efforts to spring instead. The unexpected timing will help you stand out from the crowd and act as a valuable part of a comprehensive customer retention strategy to build loyalty and business.  

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