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Boost Brand Visibility With Five BIG Sign Ideas

Summer sales and special events are here! Why not stand out from your competition by going BIG?  High visibility marketing tactics expand your reach, attract customers, and help differentiate you from your competitors.  Whether you have an upcoming event, an important sale, or simply want to get your business noticed, check out these ideas for interactive and engaging signage that helps your business stand out in a crowd.    

Window Dressing

Take your customers' breath away with bold, long-lasting, and changeable window graphics.  With endless options, from opaque to perforated to transparent, window graphics can be applied in nearly any application and are valuable for creating a one-of-a-kind visual experience that draws the attention of those passing by your business! Whether you want to convey important details of an upcoming sale, celebrate an anniversary, or reinforce branding, our Uptown | Park Cities | North Dallas production center has the right options for your needs and format. The most common window graphics include:
  • Window clings
  • Window perf graphics
  • Frosted window graphics
  • Window lettering
  • Window shades
  • Imaged glass
Designer Tip → Consider whether it is important not to block the light coming in through your windows. Window graphics are great, but not if you're left sitting in the dark! If much of your interior's light is dependent on the window you are considering, try perforated graphics or lettering instead.

Great Wall of Branding 

Once your window graphics have lured them into your business, how will you convince them to take action? The one thing almost every company has an abundance of is wall space. Oversized, creative signage turns heads, and your walls are the perfect canvas for reinforcing branding and messaging.  Whether you're looking to create a welcoming lobby space, a fun cafe interior, or an immersive shopping experience, wall graphics are the perfect medium as they are easy to customize and update as needed. 
Designer Tip → Scale is everything when designing wall graphics.  Keep the wall graphic design large and more basic as small or intricate designs will make your space feel overwhelmed and cluttered. 

Go BOLD with Banners

Just because they've been around forever doesn't make banners any less valuable as a marketing tool! In a world immersed in constantly moving images, we forget the importance of what's right in front of us.  Large format outdoor banners and indoor banners provide a big and bold "look at me" opportunity to communicate your most important messaging to passersby. Don't have space to mount a banner? Consider a vertical banner stand or pop-up. Whether used outside your business, at a trade show, or at an event, the economical pricing and easy set-up of banners make them perfect for temporary or short-term applications. 
Designer Tip → Keep in mind the distance at which your banner will be viewed to ensure readability. The general guideline for lettering is one inch tall per ten feet of viewing distance. 

Moving Billboard

Rolling billboards, otherwise known as vehicle graphics, are perhaps among the most creative ways to get your business noticed.  Transforming your company car or van with a vehicle wrap creates a non-stop marketing tool that raises awareness about your brand everywhere you go.   There's no 'right' kind of business for vehicle graphics. They work for businesses across all industries, from retailers to manufacturers to real estate.  Not sure you're ready to go all-in? That's okay. Consider a window cling or vehicle lettering instead for smaller yet still wide-ranging impact.  
Designer Tip → When it comes to vehicle graphics, there is no one-size-fits-all.  An experienced designer will understand how to design around your vehicle shape and place graphics for maximum impact. The most common mistake we see? Keep copy to a minimum as it will most often be read 'in motion,' making brevity important. 

Out of the Box

Okay, okay… they're not big in size, but branded boxes are BIG in impact. Surprise attendees for your upcoming event or welcome new customers to your business by delivering a customized agBox to your target audience.  It's kind of like delivering a customized sign right to their doorstep!  Personalized with company swag, samples, and printed marketing materials, these boxes redefine multi-touch marketing while allowing you to stir up excitement and tell the story of your company.
Designer Tip → What is outside of your box is almost as important as what's in it! After all, which would you be more excited to open…a beautifully wrapped gift or a gift in a paper bag? An engaging, well-designed personalized box exterior will increase the impression a delivery makes with your target audience.
Branded Company Boxes Park Cities North Dallas TX  

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