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Wayfinding Signage Best Practices - Getting People From Point A to Point B

Lost customers mean lost sales.  Getting customers from point A to point B can make or break a sale.  A recent survey showed that unclear signage can prevent up to 60% of your potential customers from interacting with you.  Quick, easy, and effective wayfinding signage gets customers’ to your doorstep and minimizes stress.  Whether you’re creating wayfinding signage from scratch or your current signage isn’t making the cut, these best-practice solutions will help you find your way!  
 It takes months to find a customer...seconds to lose one.

First Things First

It’s essential to know your clients’ needs and assess the functionality of your wayfinding signage.  By taking the route yourself, you can identify any areas of confusion and determine the optimal way of leading them to your establishment.   Pro Design Tip: If there are multiple options, only call out one or two routes.  Keeping routes to a minimum reduces disorientation and stress.  Lastly, make sure your paths are well-defined and your maps crystal clear.  

What’s Your Sign?

Wayfinding is about helping people get to where you want them to go while providing information in a simple and effective way.  Repeat business, on-time appointments, and well-attended events depend on wayfinding signage that stands out.   Pro Design Tip: High impact signage directed to where people’s eyes are naturally drawn will keep them from walking into the wrong conference room, medical office, or airport gate.  

Details Matter

Inconsistent signage is confusing and reduces return customers!  Details like consistent branding across multiple locations, user-friendly design, and clear, easy-to-read language speak volumes!    Pro Design Tip: Signage gone wrong includes mix-n-match fonts, hard-to-read symbols, and non-contrasting color usage.   

Comprehensive Marketing Route 

Wayfinding signage is not a one-size-fits-all solution.  In fact, these signs offer marketing opportunities that can increase the functionality and impact of your location!  Here are some clever ways to include marketing within your wayfinding signage:
  • Add a QR code on a banner design that links customers to your class, enrollment special, or sale
  • A unique email address, website, or SMS code on an event poster can direct traffic and allow you to track inquiries
  • Direct and inform customers with a multi-purpose approach.  For example, in retail, encourage the discovery of new items, clearance, and special offers with floor graphics and retail signs
  • Increase brand recognition by putting your business brand name and logo on your signs

Temporary Signage

If these best practices sound great, but you’re still unsure which sign is right for you, opt for temporary signage.  These customizable signs are commonly used for political, real estate, a-frames, and short-term outdoor events and can be easily replaced.  

Your Uptown | Park Cities | North Dallas Resource for Wayfinding Signage Design, Printing & Installation

Let’s help your customers find their way with professional, high-quality wayfinding signs!  Our team at AlphaGraphics Uptown | Park Cities | North Dallas has 35+ years of experience working with local businesses on their signage, print, and marketing. We offer everything from design to production to shipping and installation of wayfinding signage in addition to a host of other print, marketing, and signage needs. We make business easier for you. Don’t believe us? See our public reviews for what customers have said about our high-quality products, excellent customer service, and efficient turnaround times. Contact us today or request a quote to learn how our team can help!

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