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7 Ways to Leverage Leads & Grow Your Business

In today's multi-faceted marketing environment, where sales leads can come from numerous sources, it can be challenging to manage them effectively.  To leverage leads into prospects that grow your business, start with examining your marketing practices.  Whether it's using a personalized URL to help convert your direct mail recipients into prospects or revamping your trade show signage and marketing materials, generating qualified leads is critical to growing your business. Where to start? Here are seven effective ideas to consider.    

1) Print Media

Every year marketers ask, is digital marketing the only way to reach your target audience?  The answer is no.  Even with constant technological advancements, there is no sign that digital marketing is replacing conventional marketing. In fact, print and direct mail marketing bring an average 9% response rate, compared to digital media channels, which average around 1%. Why? Using print media such as postcards, direct mail, and business cards offer a more tangible, engaging, and memorable experience for your audience. Want to take it to the next level? Augment your print marketing with digital marketing. Consider QR codes on your direct mail piece that link to a personalized offer or email marketing that follows and reinforces your direct mailer.  

2) Increase Touches

It's simple: the more touches and visibility with your current and potential customers, the increased likelihood of a sale.  By increasing your visibility, you generate interest that creates opportunities to convert to a commitment or sale. So why not hit them with everything you've got? Consider all the ways you can increase your visibility and pique potential customers' interest. Depending on your business, this can be anything from eye-catching window graphicsvehicle graphics that act like moving billboards, sidewalk signs that entice customers into your store, and more. Not sure which options to use? As a premier Dallas TX printer, our team of experts can help you find the best choice for your use and budget.  

3) Multi-Channel Marketing

Whether your business needs to broaden your marketing efforts or you already use a multi-channel marketing model, do you have a proactive strategy that is consistently assessed and tweaked based on performance?  Understanding how to leverage your most robust channels (i.e., not just the same one or two channels you've relied on for ages) is critical for lead generation.   Consider leveraging an all-in-one program like our partner, Marketing 360, that simplifies the process for creating fully coordinated campaigns across social media, content marketing, digital advertising, and more. Trying to piece it together yourself can be overwhelming and complicated.  Marketing 360 makes it easy to turbocharge your marketing with the tools you need to manage your business and a dedicated marketing team you need to grow it — all in one platform.  

4) Get Out of Your Box

Want to capture the attention of your audience? Do something unexpected. If you are bored, it's likely your audience is too. Pushing yourself out of your box is a way to capture attention among new and existing audiences alike.  How? Here are a few ideas. Try showcasing your company at a trade show for the first time (or completely transforming your current trade show exhibit), replacing tired exterior signage, or sending a customized introduction box to prospects.  So long as your effort is on brand and speaks to your desired audience, the sky is the limit, so think creatively!  

5) Follow-Up Timing

How long you take to follow up on a lead can determine whether it turns into a sale.  Research shows that the quicker you follow up, the more likely a sale is generated.  When following up, send a clear message that nudges them further down your sales funnel and closer to making a purchase.  

6) Strategic Filtering

Not all leads are the same.  Leads can come from many different sources, and let's face it; some are of higher quality than others. It's important to discern which leads are worth your time.  Creating a lead-filtering strategy that immediately ranks each lead keeps sales momentum going in the right direction and is a much more efficient use of your time.   

7) Consistency

Persistence pays off!   According to Marketing Donut, 80% of sales leads require five follow-ups after the initial contact. Many potential leads may have just purchased or are not interested. Consistent communication creates "top of mind awareness" and increases your likelihood of contact when they are ready to buy. Consider sending a personalized card for their birthday with a special offer or a monthly newsletter with helpful information related to your industry or product, direct mail, and more.  

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