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Refresh Your Marketing Materials in Time For Q1

Refreshing outdated marketing materials is ALWAYS a good idea, but a refresh in time for Q1 offers additional incentives that make it an ideal time to assess, revise, and revamp. Psychologically, the new year is a favorable time to transition from old to new, making it a perfect time to make changes. Additionally, in the business world, Q1 allows your company to level set, ensuring a solid start to the new year. With Q1 on the horizon, the question then is, are your company’s marketing materials ready to put their best foot forward when January 1 rolls around? Luckily, there’s still time. Whether you suspect you need a few updates or a more significant overhaul, the team at our Dallas print and marketing center is uniquely poised to help. Below, we share a framework to ensure that your brand and accompanying marketing materials are refreshed and prepared to deliver your message in the new year.   

Take the Time to Review

Before producing anything new or asking your Dallas printer to reprint a run of marketing materials, take a step back and review the previous year.  What worked? What fell flat?  Which elements or campaigns turned out to be mere placeholders?  Which items need your attention?  Double down on those which had the most impact and evaluate the effectiveness and necessity of the others.  Determine if your image feels current and up to date. Also, take the time to evaluate how well your existing branding and marketing tagline fits with your goals for the upcoming year. Not sure where to start? Branding and identity creative services are available through our AlphaGraphics Knox Street | Park Cities | North Dallas print center and we can take the mystery out of designing visual messaging that is impactful, directed, and resonates with your audience. Trust us when we say that spending some time now on your overall brand direction will save resources in the long run.  

New Products?

Identify any new product or service offerings and those which are no longer available. Note the affected materials that will need to feature any new additions and those that have products no longer offered.   

Take Stock – Literally

Once you’ve established where your business is at, take stock of what you have on hand for both your print materials and digital files. Not only do you need a precise inventory of each piece of print material – from letterhead to sales brochures – it is essential to identify the components required to revise your marketing elements. Identify assets on hand and those which you need to locate. Items may include the following: ☑ Brand assets – logo, artwork for marketing campaign   ☑ Portfolio images ☑ New pricing sheets ☑ Headshots for new employees ☑ Bios for new employees ☑ Content related to new product or service offerings ☑ Updated client testimonials  

Determine Elements to Update

Next, prioritize which elements require a refresh. Rarely does every item in your marketing toolkit need to be revised at one time unless you’re doing a complete rebranding or major marketing campaign revision. Identify those with outdated content and those in need of a design tweak or overhaul. Our Dallas, TX graphic designers will work with you from here to revise and produce your marketing materials. Consider items within the following categories.  ☑ Company brochures ☑ Sales collateral ☑ Pricing documents  Proposal templates ☑ Brand or product videos  ☑ Online marketing  

More on Online Marketing

It’s imperative that your website, online store, and social media platforms are up to date. In today’s tech-savvy world, dated website content is an immediate red flag to potential customers. Ensure that the following items are up to date.  ☑ Business hours ☑ Contacts ☑ Current product and service listing, with updated pricing if applicable ☑ Updated portfolio page ☑ Customer testimonials ☑ Employee features – new headshots and bios where appropriate ☑ Blog articles posted periodically to drive traffic to your site Bottom line, your online presence must be in step with your overall brand campaign and be current. Today’s consumers expect a reputable company to invest in their online marketing the way they invest in traditional marketing efforts. Contact our Dallas online marketing experts to assist in your online marketing updates.   

Your Dallas, TX Resource for Marketing, Design, Printing, and Online Services

When your attention turns toward Q1 planning, reach out to AlphaGraphics Knox Street | Park Cities | North Dallas.  The clock is ticking toward the New Year ball drop, and 2022 is just around the corner! Our skilled team of Dallas marketing specialists, graphic designers, and online marketing experts await your call, ready to guide you through the marketing materials refresh process. Contact our team today!  

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