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10 Ways to Appreciate Your Customers & Employees with Print

Customers and employees are two integral parts of a business. You can't have one without the other, and now, more than ever, it is critical that both feel appreciated. Case in point? A survey of 2,000 people revealed that 99% of people say that expressing and receiving appreciation and gratitude at work is important to them. And while you may be tempted to go a digital route with your appreciation efforts to save time, recent studies have shown that "physical material involves more emotional processing, which is important for memory and brand associations." In short, physical efforts that can be touched and felt will have more resonance than digital.  Not sure where to begin or how to best ensure that your employees and customers feel appreciated? Here are some ideas for reminding your most valued customers and employees that you are invested in them!  

— Get Personal

Nothing shows appreciation in a business environment like a personalized gift. A custom calendar that acknowledges important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries or personalized stationery is an excellent way to show those essential customers and employees that you care.  

— Thank You Postcards or Card

Don't let your "thank you" message get lost in an inbox! Show your best customers and employees how valued they are by mailing a personalized postcard or card. Taking the time to create and send something shows your willingness to go the extra mile. Don't stop at one. Set up an automated system that sends out cards or postcards on an employee's birthday or 1-2 weeks after a customer purchases.   

— Company Merchandise

Company merchandise or "swag" are great for showing appreciation, and they have the secondary benefit of promoting your brand! Sending employees company swag like t-shirts and tumblers is such an easy added touch, and when done well, it helps build pride and loyalty amongst teams and employees.  For customers, surprise them with tech items, travel accessories, or pullovers with your logo to further brand exposure, create goodwill, and entice future purchases. Our Dallas, TX print center can take any promotional item and transform them into the perfect "thank you" gift!  

— Discount Offers

Whether mailed or included in an order or purchase, special discounts build employee morale and encourage customer reengagement. You can also give them the option of using the discount themselves or gifting it to someone else, which is a great way to promote word-of-mouth marketing!  

— Loyalty & Other Programs

Show your customers your appreciation with a loyalty program or another type of program that offers incentives or prizes. Everyone loves to win/earn something, and there are easy ways to implement this type of program without extensive tracking. For example, add a QR code to your business cards that allow leads and customers to enter a monthly drawing.  Don't forget your employees as well! Consider an internal employee program centered around a company-wide challenge. Get employees excited with banners and posters around your place of business or a box of goodies sent to remote workers.  Loyalty programs increase retention and generate excitement while providing a special value to your customers and employees.    

— Thank You Stickers 

Stickers are perfect if you're looking for an easy and cost-effective way to say "thank you." You can create personalized holographic, bumper, and custom die-cut messages. Use these stickers to personalize gift items like candles or candy or add them to shipping boxes or shopping bags for a personalized touch.  

— Gratitude Box

For the ultimate token of appreciation, send your most appreciated team members and customers a 'gratitude box'! Are they a wine connoisseur, sports fan, techie? Our Dallas, TX marketing team can create the perfect agBox for them! This thoughtful gift offers endless ways to convey your message. Ideas include:
  • Care packages
  • Workspace gifts
  • Holiday theme
  • Virtual meeting with branded mug, coffee, and snacks
  • Loyalty package filled with branded promotional products

— Notepads & Pens

Everyone uses pens and notepads, so why not customize your message of appreciation on something they will use every day? There is a reason these two essential items are still prevalent today – they work!  

— Welcome Kits

A great way to build strong employee and customer relationships is through welcome kits.   Whether for an employee or customer onboarding, a personalized welcome kit containing helpful information like product or service brochures and even branded promotional items provides an immediate gesture of appreciation, creating excitement during a critical stage of the process.   

— Host an Event

Good employees and customers are hard to come by, and everyone loves a party. Why not show your appreciation and dedication by hosting an event. Whether virtual or in-person, our Dallas, TX marketing team will work with you to help create an experience that makes your team and customers feel valued!  

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