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The 5 Things Successful Direct Mail Campaigns Have in Common

Are you ready to roll out a direct mail campaign with a strategy that is sure to pay off?  A recent poll showed that 73% of American consumers say they prefer being contacted by brands via direct mail because they can read it at their leisure.  In addition, direct mail brings a 29% return on investment, equal to the ROI of social media. Working with a local partner like AlphaGraphics Knox Street | Park Cities | North Dallas that knows the ins and outs of direct mail can help make your direct mail campaign a success!  Let’s look at five strategies successful direct mail campaigns have in common that you can incorporate into your next marketing initiative.   

Targeted Mailing List

Conversions and leads only happen when you target the right people.  By collecting and using relevant information from your prospects upfront, you can build your marketing strategy around their unique needs.   A laser-focused targeted mailing list maximizes impact by optimizing your ‘most likely to buy’ consumer pool.  In addition to reducing waste, a targeted mailing list allows you to segment your audience by testing offers and other campaign initiatives.  

‘Noticeable’ Design

Audiences take notice of visually appealing graphic design.  Eye-catching direct mail is more likely to effectively guide your prospect through your marketing in a visually engaging experience.  Our Dallas, TX print center can take any direct mail piece and transform it into a ‘can’t miss’ attention grabber!  Here are some design tips that are proven to be successful:
  • Use high-quality imagery and high-resolution photographs and show your product or an image pertinent to your marketing message.
  • First impressions are everything. Whether it’s the envelope or a postcard, the first thing potential customers see should be bold and memorable.
  • Less is more. With our massive decrease in attention span, keep your copy large, easy to read, and to the point.

Trackable Delivery & Results

It’s hard to know if your direct mail campaign is a success without a way to track it.  Include a custom QR code that enables you to convert more of your recipients into valued customers and qualified prospects.  Other ways to track the success of your campaign is to include PURL’s or a unique coupon or voucher code message printed on your direct mail pieces.   

Call to Action

Your Dallas, TX direct mail piece can look amazing, but without a purpose, it is simply SPAM. The final piece to making your direct mail campaign a hit is to add a call to action. A brochure or postcard that provides a reason to do business with you is the glue that holds all of your marketing efforts together.  A compelling call to action is clear, specific, and creates an urgency that drives the user to act.  

Integrate with Other Marketing

Don’t leave your direct mail campaign hanging!  To build momentum that keeps your customers going in the right direction, you need to incorporate other marketing efforts.  A healthy mix of media channels with a consistent look, feel, and tone will deliver a cohesive brand experience. Our Dallas, TX marketing team will work with you to take your strategic goals and develop a creative and unified brand message across all channels.  Whether it’s social media, email marketing, or SEO, we will find the perfect marketing recipe to complement your direct mail campaign!  

Your Dallas, TX Resource for Direct Mail, Marketing, and Printing

Give us a call if you’re ready to create a direct mail campaign that is best suited for your business!  At AlphaGraphics Knox Street | Park Cities | North Dallas, you’ll find knowledgeable, experienced professionals ready to help your business get noticed and get business.  We are more than just a printer; we’re a business partner you can rely on to get your project designed, produced, and out the door on time. Our team has over 35 years of experience dedicated to helping businesses big and small grow their business!  From start to finish, our team can help you connect with your audience in a meaningful way.  Contact our Dallas, TX print center today to learn how our dedicated team can work closely with you to design and create a marketing campaign that gets noticed and gets business!

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