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Four Ways Branded Boxes & Custom Packaging Sells

Gone are the days when a plain brown box will do! Packaging does so much more than protect your product; it’s now an integral part of your marketing strategy. Companies today need to stay ahead of their competition with impactful custom packaging that can foster profitable and loyal customers for years to come.  By joining forces with packaging experts like AlphaGraphics Knox Street | Park Cities | North Dallas, you’ll have a well-designed package that allows you to showcase all that your company has to offer. Want to know how? Here are four ways that show how custom packaging can help build and drive sales.  

1) Eye-Catching Design

Companies no longer have the luxury of taking their time to win customers over.  According to research, 72% of Americans agree that the design of a product’s packaging influences their decision when selecting a product to purchase.  When smart choices in shape, color, texture, and imagery are made, your package speaks for itself and can make all the difference.  

2) Brilliant Functionality

Nothing can take away from a brand experience more than a product arriving broken and useless.  Thoughtful consideration of the functionality of your box design is essential to your bottom line.  What is the main function of your package?  How will the design affect shelf and storage space?  Lastly, remember that the wrong package design can dramatically increase shipping costs.  

3) Impactful Branding

Whether it’s on a store shelf or arriving at their front door, today’s consumers are looking for a complete shopping experience.  And that includes the packaging it comes in!  Flashy, creative packaging can ‘get’ their attention, but you need impactful brand custom boxes and packaging to keep their attention!  With agBox, our Dallas, TX print center can take any custom packaging and transform it into a get noticed, get business moment!  Here are a few tips for memorable branding: ➡Prominent logo placement ➡Include shapes, colors, and typography that are bold and represent your brand inside and outside ➡Fill your custom-designed package with your choice of swag, printed materials, and goodies for a truly unique, branded experience ➡Relevant and consistent branding throughout your packaging ➡Include branded inserts like postcards, handwritten notes, or business cards ➡Seal your packaging with branded stickers and customized tape   

4) High-Quality Packaging

High-quality packaging is the first line of defense in impressing your customers.  Sturdy and reliable packaging conveys your company's views on quality and integrity, so stay away from cheap, flimsy packaging.  Whether it’s a small custom direct mail piece or smart tv you are shipping, don’t miss the opportunity to wow your customers at first glance!     

Your Dallas, TX Resource for Branded Boxes and Custom Packaging

If you’re ready to leverage the power of packaging, give us a call!  At AlphaGraphics Knox Street | Park Cities | North Dallas, you’ll find knowledgeable, experienced professionals ready to handle all stages of branded boxes and custom packaging, including mailing, design, data procurement, and automation.  We are more than just a printer; we’re a business partner you can rely on to get your project designed, produced, and out the door on time.  Contact our Dallas, TX print & packaging center today to learn how our dedicated team can work closely with you to design and create marketing pieces that get noticed and get business!

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