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Embellishments: Make Your Print Marketing POP!

It’s not easy to achieve a marketing presence these days. The volume of information we’re exposed to is astounding!  In 2021, we took in five times more information than in 1986. This inundation of information means that trying to capture the attention of your target audience and increase product awareness is harder than ever. It also means that in order to stand out, companies need to get creative in how they present their information. At AlphaGraphics Knox Street | Park Cities | North Dallas, we’ve helped improve our clients’ brand visibility for decades.  One effective way we’ve accomplished this is with embellishments. Take a look at how embellishments can bring your product to the forefront of the shelves and the minds of consumers.  

It’s All About The Why

Embellished print is proven to have a positive impact on sales. How? According to a study conducted by the Foil & Specialty Effects Association in 2016, products utilizing embellished print held consumers’ attention 18% longer and were recognized 45% faster than products that didn’t use embellishments. Attractive packaging adds a richness not typically achieved through traditional marketing methods. Tactile, visually stimulating packaging positively impacts a consumer's perception of your product, increasing its perceived value.   

How To Make It POP

If embellished print packaging is the way to go, how does it work? First, you want to work with visionary partners like our Dallas, TX print center that know how to create these special effects.  The packaging industry has known for years how embellishments deliver measurable, profit-driving sales potential. The magic starts with high-quality, visually appealing embellishment options such as:
  • Foiling: a thin sheet of foil is applied onto cardstock to create a decorative, eye-catching design.
  • Die Cutting (laser cut): this allows you to create shapes that fit your brand and message, such as house-shaped business cards for a construction company.
  • Embossing: uses a die to slightly raise images off the paper or card stock, creating a unique 3D effect. 
  • Holographic: a metallic-like laminate that creates a mesmerizing mirror effect as you move the piece.
  • Textured Spot UV Coating: a special coating is added and then cured with UV light allowing you to add compelling texture to a piece.
  • Laminating: adhering a thin layer of plastic to paper or cardstock, which can be applied to specific parts of your marketing piece to make a detail stand out
  Foil - embossing - print embellishments Dallas TX  
Joanne Gore, the founder of a marketing and communications company, put it best when quoted in an article in WhatTheyThink magazine: “People spend 39% more time engaging in direct mail vs. digital campaigns alone, impacting brand experience, recall and results. Print has the power to keep readers informed and engaged. Adding textures and finishes like embossing, debossing, raised ink, foil or glitter teases them to do more than see print, but to touch it – and remember it.”

Endless Ways To Be Seen 

With only so much time to attract a consumer’s attention, using embellishments can be the deciding factor in whether they purchase or not. In many cases, embellished packaging is the thing that turns customers' heads in the first place! Pair it with some carefully crafted messaging that resonates, and you have a one-two punch of conversion power!  Menu design and printing Dallas TXHere are some examples of the marketing vehicles you can use embellishments on:  

Your Dallas, TX Resource for Embellishment Printing

Are you ready to go the extra mile to get the results your company is aiming for? At AlphaGraphics Knox Street | Park Cities | North Dallas, our print, marketing, and sign capabilities include digital printing for a short or long run, custom, and personalized applications!  We offer a remarkable range of products and services designed to get your company noticed and have on staff a team of professionals who can help guide you to the best application for your project. Contact our Dallas, TX print services center today to set up a free strategic consultation to learn how stress-free and effective we can make your next project!

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