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How to Double the Impact of Your Print Marketing

Every successful business knows the importance of marketing, but many overemphasize their online presence and sacrifice the massive power of print! Digital is undoubtedly powerful, but so is putting your message directly in the hands of customers! Whether it's a QR code on a postcard or bold imagery and bright colors on a catalog, quality print provides a can't-miss visual experience for your customers. Here is an easy guide from our North Dallas, TX print team at AlphaGraphics Knox Street | Park Cities | North Dallas to help you double the impact of your print marketing! Whether you use one or all of these tips, each one can elevate your brand and better promote your business!  

Design Matters

Innovative embellishment printing is a proven way to impact a consumer's perception of your product. Rather than skimping on design, go with a bright gold foil inside an envelope or a unique die-cut invitation to deliver an undeniable visual punch! How long your audience interacts with your print should dictate how simple, bold, and intricate your design will be. Design that engages the senses leaves a lasting impression and increases your product's perceived value. Examples include:
  • Tactical printing, like embossing and debossing, appeals to both sight and touch and delights consumers with an immersive experience.
  • Die-cutting provides a decorative, distinctive, and functional element for displays, brochures, direct mail, and business cards, making them irresistible.
  • Convey luxury and get noticed with foil! Using metallic, holographic, or glitter on an invitation or other print piece can draw the reader's attention to where you want.
  • Gloss, satin, and matte finishes can lure eyes to bold colors, crisp definition, and absorbent and reflective light.

Less is More

With print marketing, you can guarantee that your piece gets in the hand of the consumer, but not whether they read it! Trying to hit your audience with everything you've got can backfire. For copy, our marketing experts recommend keeping it to what your product or service does, why it's better than your competition, and a call to action. In terms of design, focus on color and imagery that inspires action and engagement. For example, a memorable postcard should have clean and distinct imagery with concise core messaging. Not sure where to start? Contact the professional at our Dallas, TX print center. We'll help you chart a path to developing compelling and visually-pleasing print.  

Quality Over Quantity

The quality of your printing, from design to material choices, says a lot about your company and its products. Whether it's a product label or your letterhead, partnering with a printer that focuses on upholding high standards will ensure results that don't let your branding down! True partnership is when quality, design, and attention to detail are displayed in every material made. Color that is off and brochures that don't fold properly diminish your company's reputation. Your printer should deliver a product that aesthetically matches your brand with beautifully printed pieces. True collaboration with a printer happens when they help you execute your marketing strategy and assist you during every phase of the process! Our Dallas, TX marketing and design team will work with you to develop a creative and unified brand message across all channels.  

Your Dallas, TX Resource for Impactful Print Services

Ready to improve your market reach with revenue-generating print marketing? At AlphaGraphics Knox Street | Park Cities | North Dallas, our print, marketing, and sign capabilities include digital printing for a short or long run and custom and personalized applications! We offer a remarkable range of products and services designed to get your company noticed and have a team of professionals on staff who can help guide you to the best application for your project. Contact our Dallas, TX print center today to discover how adding impactful print to your marketing strategy can take your brand to the next level!

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