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A No Fail Checklist for Your Next Trade Show

Trade Show Checklist
It’s time to gear up for trade show season. Is your business ready? Trade shows provide the perfect opportunity to showcase your business and products! Partnering with a team like AlphaGraphics Knox Street | Park Cities | North Dallas can streamline all of the moving parts involved in a trade show, ensuring smooth execution and stellar results! This year, don’t let trade show season sneak up on you; be ready to watch leads and sales roll in with this no-fail checklist!


☑ Get the Word Out!

Having a presence at a trade show is a big deal. You want to generate as much excitement for your booth as possible and do it long before the show begins. What and how you communicate to your target audience starts with three things: getting the word out, a clear and enticing message, and a reason to stop at your booth. Hitting these marks drums up excitement and creates sales opportunities!


☑ First Impressions Matter

Competition at trade shows can be stiff, making it crucial that your business stand out from the rest. A bright and welcoming booth with eye-catching backdrops and expandable display units will turn heads in your direction, enticing your audience to stop and take notice. Once they enter your booth, consider bold, vibrant, and well-branded banner stands, table throws, and graphics to hold their attention. One commonly overlooked component of any successful trade show display? Wayfinding or directional signage. Don’t leave attendees in the dark. Instead, made sure your display directs and guides them to your desired next step!


☑ Be Irresistible!

Now that you’ve drawn attendees into your booth, let’s engage them and make your booth the talk of the town! This is when you can hook them by offering free promotional products, an interactive experience, or raffle off a big ticket item. Whether it’s a trade show, grand opening, or open house, consider adding a trackable QR code to your event business cards and brochures. They are great for determining your engagement levels and getting their contact information!


☑ Post-Show Follow-Up

Trade shows are a big investment worthy of intentional follow-up and brainstorming with your team on how to leverage your success and learn from what didn’t work. Here are some great ways to foster future business and meaningful interactions after the event.

  • Create a custom follow-up strategy to close more deals after the show and increase ROI.
  • Send follow-up direct mail or emails with messaging related to the event to reinforce the connection to the trade show.
  • Send personalized messages across channels such as SMS marketing, social media, and postcards.

Your Dallas, TX Resource for Tradeshow Displays, Materials & Marketing

Your business deserves a trade show partner that understands the process from booth design to follow-up! Not only can our AlphaGraphics Knox Street | Park Cities | North Dallas team amp up your trade show presence, but we can also help manage all the details!  We offer a breadth and depth of products and services tailored to your marketing needs. Contact our Dallas, TX print center today to set up a free strategic consultation to learn how we can support your entire business!

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