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Are These Five Inefficiencies Affecting Your Print Marketing?

Printing inefficiencies that are costing you money | AlphaGraphics North Dallas | Park Cities
No company is immune to supply chain issues, especially during a pandemic, making unpredictable demand plus inventory optimization a real issue. Whether you manage a single location or a franchise network, controlling your marketing communications is a delicate balance!   At AlphaGraphics Knox Street | Park Cities | North Dallas, we’ve seen the undeniable benefits of multi-touch marketing day in and day out with our clients, but we also understand the challenges companies face when trying to manage it all. Here are five costly print marketing mistakes that negatively impact your bottom line and, more importantly, how we can help overcome them.

#1 Too Much or Too Little

Too much or too little inventory is bad for business. Poorly managed inventory can directly impact your business’ performance, leaving behind substandard profit margins. Using a platform like agOnline allows you to easily control inventory across multiple locations, printing small or large quantities at a predetermined low rate. By setting spending limits and user permission, you can scale the platform to meet your business needs and maintain cohesive design standards, meaning no more boxes of outdated or poorly branded marketing materials!

#2 Is Anyone There?

A happy team is one that feels they have the tools and resources to do their job at their fingertips. A unified one-stop online platform allows your team to access brand communications anytime, from any device. With a simple click, review, and approval, an order is out the door and on its way! Whether a single menu board or thousands of presentation folders, you can effortlessly manage all aspects of your print estimating and order management with agOnline.

#3 Too Little, Too Late

No one likes to wait, end of story. Your company loses income if delivery dates aren’t met, jeopardizing your relationship and your company’s reputation. Centralizing your marketing collateral with Web-to-Print technology improves delivery times by controlling the entire ordering and purchasing process from one central location. Engaging a partner like our Dallas, TX print center provides your team with the technological tools to print, package, schedule, and deliver your orders on time and with less effort and confusion.

Print Marketing and Branding Dallas TX #4 Forgot to Know Your Audience

Personalized brand recognition creates new and lasting customer relationships. The right marketing technology allows you to create targeted campaigns individualized to each customer. You can build highly targeted campaigns personalized to each recipient through personalized URLs, email, direct mail, text messaging, or QR codes. Our technology solutions also provide a document builder with preloaded templates to control your personalized corporate image. Easy access to lists and integrated multi-touch campaigns enables you to reach customers where they are.

#5 Where’s My ROI?

A trackable marketing campaign gets results, but how many businesses have the technology to do so? Our Dallas, TX marketing team can set you up with the right technology solutions to create a seamless process for monitoring your marketing campaign results. And once those results are in, our technology makes it easy to implement any needed adjustments and maximize future results broadly.

Our Dallas, TX Print Center is Here to Make Your Marketing Dollars Go Further

Are you ready to market your business with the power of technology? At AlphaGraphics Knox Street | Park Cities | North Dallas, our technology solutions allow you to effectively manage marketing initiatives and maximize your marketing dollars. Paired with a broad range of products and services and our team of seasoned marketing professionals, we help businesses and organizations just like yours develop marketing campaigns designed to make getting your business noticed easier than ever. Contact our Dallas, TX print center today to set up a free strategic consultation to learn how we can support your entire business!

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