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Digital Vs. Machine Die-Cutting: What's the Difference?

What's the difference between Machine and Digital Die Cutting

Do you find the technology behind die-cutting a bit confusing? Or simply not sure how to utilize it best for your business? If so, this is for you! Die cutting offers the unique opportunity to define your brand while attracting curiosity with an endless option of shapes and sizes. According to a report by 360 Research Reports, the global die-cutting machines market is anticipated to rise considerably between 2022 and 2028. The reasons why are numerous, but we find it generally boils down to the fact that die-cutting is a valuable tool for getting your marketing pieces noticed. Now, many people don't realize that die-cutting is used in two ways — digitally and mechanically. Here's an easy guide from our AlphaGraphics Knox Street | Park Cities | North Dallas team that explains the differences, benefits, and applications for how this unique technology can elevate your company's marketing campaign!

What is the difference between digital and machine die cutting

Benefits of Digital Die-Cutting

Machine and Digital Die CuttingThe type of die-cutting method that works best depends on your project requirements. With digital die-cutting, you get all the advantages of traditional die-cutting, but with lasers that allow for precision cutting. Here are some of the benefits of digital over conventional dies:

  • No die costs

  • Quicker turnaround time

  • Shapes can be more intricate

  • Cut on demand so no inventory storage or obsolete waste

  • Change up shapes from run to run to gauge audience engagement without additional die costs

Digital die-cutting can shine with the range of materials used, especially with large-format printing signage and graphics! Try a die-cut display at your next trade show or grand opening, and watch how it steals the show!


Benefits of Machine Die-Cutting

Machine and Digital Die CuttingFor all the benefits of digital die-cutting, there's a reason machine die-cutting is here to stay. Traditional machine die-cutting brings with it many benefits that include:

  • More cost-effective and efficient for repeat projects

  • Less material is wasted around the shapes

  • Ideal for difficult-to-cut materials

  • Better for creating straightforward designs at high speeds


How Die-Cutting Gets Your Business Noticed

In a perfect world, your products and services sell themselves, but when you need to increase visibility, you need to get creative. Die-cutting draws attention, piques interest, and creates a lasting impression! A unique die-cut sticker, direct mail piece, or presentation folder draws people in and makes a great first impression. First-time customers opening a die-cut box can become loyal customers because your piece stands out! Try a unique, eye-catching die cut for your promotional products and direct mail, and watch the sales come in.


Your Dallas, TX Resource for Marketing Technology AlphaGraphics Knox Street | Park Cities | North Dallas

At AlphaGraphics Knox Street | Park Cities | North Dallas, we offer high-quality, state-of-the-art die-cutting and printing technology designed for the precision necessary to catch your potential customer's eyes. We're a business partner you can trust to get your project designed, produced, and out the door stress-free! Contact our Dallas, TX, print center today to set up a free strategic consultation to learn how we can support your entire business.


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