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6 Common Corporate Gifting Mistakes to Avoid (Plus Some Stellar Gift Ideas)

Corporate Gift Mistakes & Ideas Dallas TX

Now is the time to start thinking of your corporate gift-giving!  November and December are BIG months for client and employee appreciation.  Demonstrating your appreciation isn’t just nice; it is a powerful way of forming and maintaining customer and employee connections.  The tricky part is making sure you don’t miss the mark, like having your fruit basket spoil in the employee kitchen!  Our AlphaGraphics Dallas, TX print and marketing team is here to help you avoid six of the most common corporate gift-giving mistakes.  We also include some fantastic gift ideas to ensure your business brings holiday bliss (and not a holiday miss) to your VIPs!


Mistake #1: A ‘Yawner’ Gift

No one wants to be the bearer of a boring gift!  A balance of practical and relevant is the goal in corporate gifting.  Instead of impersonal chocolates and gift cards, opt for a personalized cutting board or grilling gear.  Your clients and employees will appreciate and think of you when they use them.

 Common Corporate Gifting Mistakes Dallas TX


Mistake #2: It Doesn’t Represent Your Brand

Before your online cart is overflowing with branded gifts, ask yourself, does this gift represent our company and its values?  What you give says a lot about your company, so pay attention to the details and the quality!  For instance, if the ice melts right away in your insulated drinkware or your candles melt in a day, it reflects poorly on your company’s reputation.  You don’t want to be the ‘jelly of the month’ club giver; you want to be remembered for genuinely valuing and understanding your customers and employees.


Mistake #3: Choosing the Wrong Marketing Partner

Choosing the wrong partner to create and send your gifts can take the happiness right out of their holiday!  A partner like AlphaGraphics Knox Street | Park Cities | North Dallas knows how to build a gift-giving campaign that thanks clients, entices prospects, and appreciates employees!  Experienced teams like ours know the importance of quality products, personalization, packaging, and timeliness! We make the entire process, from design to delivery, as seamless as possible, leaving you to go about your work without having to fret over potential mistakes.


Mistake #4: Impersonal

The same gift year after year gets stale in a hurry!  Show your employees and customers how much you appreciate them by changing it up with personalized gifts.  Meaningful options such as ornaments and commemorative clocks are great or unique items such as personalized utility knives or leatherette wallets that show thought went into their gift!

Common Corporate Gifting Mistakes Dallas TX


Mistake #5: Over-Branding

These are gifts, so don’t slap your brand all over!  Over-branding says your business is more important than the person you’re gifting to.  A great corporate gift includes creative ways to incorporate your brand without the recipient feeling like the poster child for your company.  By subtly adding your brand to the back of a customized wireless charger or barware set, your brand is visible but not overbearing.

Common Corporate Gifting Mistakes Dallas TX


Mistake #6: Cheap Packaging

How a gift looks before opening it can say a lot about what’s inside!  In addition to providing an experience, packaging also needs to protect what’s inside.  A personalized leather journal won’t be well received if it arrives damaged.  Using ‘nesting’ boxes, bubble wrap, and taping all box edges will protect both the gift and your brand, creating a memorable experience and lasting impression.


Your Dallas, TX Resource for Corporate Gift Giving

Whether you’re looking for corporate gifts for your employees, customers, or prospects, it starts with partnering with the right company.  At AlphaGraphics Knox Street | Park Cities | North Dallas, our one-stop-shop marketing platform excels at corporate gifting and beyond.  We provide all the additional services you need for a seamless gifting process, including providing in-house etching or engraving for all your gift needs.  Check out our Ultimate Guide on Corporate Gifting for a full range of gift options.  Click here to place your order, or contact our Dallas, TX, print center today to set up a free strategic consultation to learn how we can support your entire business.

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