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In our blog, Visualizing Your Brand, we walked you through a thought-provoking exercise to see your brand through another lens. While awareness and positioning are important in the development of a brand, what will carry you all the way is your image and conveying that image on every platform. But, what is a brand and how is it created? Let’s roll the reel back a little - or use my favorite phrase - let’s get back to basics.
What is a brand?
Logos, colors, fonts, elements, voice, mission and values. Yes, to each of these. In theory, these pieces make up a brand, but yet, it is so much more. A brand lives, not just for today’s generation but for future generations, creates initiative, and influences our culture. It is a multidimensional living character which evokes emotion from the world around it.
Moral Compass of the Brand
Like any living character, a brand has a moral compass. Mission statements and values are created to identify the foundation of your brand. It not only speaks to your internal audience but your external audience. These guidelines define what your brand lives by, believes in, is passionate about, and advocates for.
Brand Personality
How do you describe your brand? Whether it’s compassionate like Johnson & Johnson or magical like Disney; the feeling your brand evokes is what engages your audience. These feelings make your brand identifiable and create a highly personal relationship with loyal customers.
Brand Visuals
The phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” has stood the test of time for obvious reasons. It’s true. The first picture to represent your company is your logo. This visual encapsulates the defining characteristics of your brand, including personality, mission and values. Transitioning a brand into graphics with depth and movement cultivates its story and culture. By developing the image across digital platforms and in-person workspaces, you are creating an experience with your company for your customers, prospects and team members.
Brand Voice
Voice is much more than what we say. It is how we say it. It’s the combination of the language we choose, our personality and tone. How we communicate with the world is critical to our brand’s positioning in the marketplace. Building a brand is crafting an experience. This experience is one that your customers enjoy interacting with regularly and builds loyalty. We are here to help you through the process. Let the AlphaGraphics of West Houston team bring your vision to life.

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