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Show Your Success: Interview with Taurea Vision Avant

Taurea is the founder of Show Your Success and System Mastery University where she has helped over 5,000 entrepreneurs to write books and grow their business by building at least 3 income streams. She started Urban CEO Network, a non-profit, with the mission to empower and educate entrepreneurs from the urban community in a non-intimidating way. Taurea is the author of more than 15+ books including “A Six Figure Vision” and “How Not to Be a Broke Author”. She’s been featured on ABC, Fox and CBS. Her mission: Impact the lives of 20 million men and women in mind, body and soul.
Basically, she’s superwoman and we love working with her!
Taurea, tell us about your journey into coaching and what are some of your favorite aspects of it?
The funny thing is I never wanted to be a coach. However, I always found myself in spaces where I was helping to teach others. It wasn't even necessarily in the book writing space. I started off coaching in the network marketing industry in 2009 when I started building my first organization. I was never the biggest fan of this industry but I was still able to have a tremendous amount of success. It wasn't necessarily the grind that I love but I did love impacting people's lives. In 2014, I decided that I no longer wanted to build a home-based business,  I wanted to start my own business in coaching. My favorite thing about being a coach is seeing people's eyes light up when they get their books but most of all when their books have landed them on a major platform. I had a young lady whose book was translated into Swahili and Korean and she was able to get a school to purchase 450 copies!  She was on The Today Show and recently has landed a new gig where she is now helping other people to write books. That right there is a huge blessing. I get to see how something that I contributed to has turned into a major movement. We can tell helping others is a passion for you. What fuels this passion?  When it comes to helping others to achieve their goals the first thing that I always identify is the why. Why do they want to write a book? A lot of authors that write books find themselves in positions where their book does not sell. In fact, I saw a statistic that 80% of most authors make below minimum wage. So my first goal is to help someone create a book that is designed to sell. Many people make their books about themselves. They forget the book should be written to serve the reader. With this, we plan and prepare the book for the reader but the author benefits with more than just the sale of books. Both of your businesses have a lot of success. Can you tell us what you do to bring awareness to your companies? One of the best ways to bring awareness to what I do is workshops. I have been doing them since 2014. I was hosting as many as four to six workshops per month and even traveling across the country. I, of course, also use the incredible world of social media which has helped me tremendously. Now don't get me wrong, even though I do love the internet I still will always do workshops.  Every business faces challenges, do you mind sharing with us some challenges you have faced? Some of the biggest challenges are dealing with clients. You're dealing with so many different personalities and people sometimes think that because they've invested in your service that they own you. LOL! They would call about every small thing.  I learned to put together a system to help them understand and appreciate the process.  I've had people who don't understand all of the hard work that takes place behind the scenes because they don't have to do as much. The way my company operates is by helping our authors to create books without them having to write much of anything. We do all the writing through interviews and transcribing. I don't do just any kind of genre of book. I specifically do self-help books designed to help you to build multiple streams of income.  Some additional challenges I have come across are when people do not understand the value behind a self-help book versus wanting to write a book to tell their life story. Now I probably will offend some people that are going to read this next part but I don't believe that the first book you should ever write should be your life story. The best time to write a story about your life should honestly be when you no longer have to tell people who you are. Everyone believes they have gone through a lot. No for real!! So with that said, what most people are looking for are how-to steps on overcoming their challenges. If someone reads a fantasy or fiction novel, many times they are a specific niche audience and that could limit you. It’s not my specialty so I won't go too much into it other than, I REALLY know how to create a self-help book that sells! One of my latest clients, who also works with AlphaGraphics, just told me the other day that he has already sold more than 5,000 copies of his book and we only launched it a few months ago. He leverages online sales as well as physical sales.  Yes! We can appreciate those pain points. You seem to have a seamless process. What are some of the tools you offer your students to transform them from “Employees into Entrepreneurs”? One of the tools that we provide is my online program called the Book Profits Club. It's a monthly membership program where people who join can learn how to get their books to perform, how to promote them, and how to get them to profit. We have different levels. With our more advanced levels, we come in and physically help them to write their books.  I also have my non-profit organization called Urban CEO Network. Our goal at Urban CEO is to help men and women who come from urban communities bridge the gap between them and business success. Also, I don't believe that every single person should be a full-time entrepreneur. Some people are just better on a job and there is nothing wrong with that. They could even work part-time as an entrepreneur. I don't like making people feel bad about having a job because having a job is a blessing. However, if someone is telling me that they want to become a full-time entrepreneur I also like to make sure that they understand the hard work they must be willing to put in to achieve success.  Thank you for sharing your story with us. It’s been a pleasure working with you and we look forward to continuing to be a small part of your journey. We have just two last questions - call them plugs if you will ;) What has been your experience in working with Alphagraphics West Houston?  AlphaGraphics for me is one of the best in regards to getting the BEST quality work in a short amount of time. I mean the BEST quality too! I have literally contacted them and they were able to get my project done by the end of the week. I'm talking about many of my collaboration book projects to my planners and more. I also enjoy the fact that when I come in I feel like I'm around family. Everyone is just always so nice and inviting and that means a lot when you're in business.  What do you enjoy most about working with AlphaGraphics of West Houston? What I enjoy most is the people. When you have a great team like AlphaGraphics has, it makes your experience 100 times better. Also, they're always willing to work with me and do their best to be as competitive as many of these other printers out there. No matter what I will always do business with AlphaGraphics West Houston!  For more information about Taurea, you can find her at the following platforms:

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