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3 Ways to Step Up Your Postcards

Postcards are one of many methods used to connect with your audience through direct mail campaigns. Postcards help companies get noticed but they also generate leads. If you want a better response rate, see 3 ways to step up your postcard.

Craft a Scavenger Hunt

Remember that game you played as a child? Similar to eye spy but a more in-the-moment experience? Turning your postcard into a scavenger hunt lends itself well. Tie it to a national holiday or a season and create a moment of bonding and rapport with your target audience and your brand.

List a Local Sports Team Schedule

Statista estimates over 60% of the United States population are NFL fans, making it the largest professional sport watched in the country. Providing your local team’s game schedule creates an opportunity for your brand to stay consistently present with your recipient.

Seasonal or Industry Specific Checklist

How many times have you personally looked up simple checklists as a guide? If timed correctly, a spring cleaning, holiday-specific, tax time, or home buying checklists can offer a purposeful way to engage with your target audience. This easy-to-do list provides an opportunity for your brand to create value. Consider these 3 ways of stepping up your postcard value next time you’re in need of sending out a postcard mailer!

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