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Most Important, Be Human

As we continue to move forward, it has become apparent we will remain in this phase of “apart, but together.” Although this place isn’t a favorite - there have been beautiful positives birthed from it. Social media was built for social networking. Given our current circumstances, it is often hard for many to meet in person. The keyword here is SOCIAL. Don’t just follow the model, be the model.
Let us start by saying - it is still important to share your company’s services and products BUT right now, it is more important to be human.
It is time. Use your online presence to share meaningful messages, if you are not already, you are missing out on an amazing opportunity to connect with your community….or to build one. Vulnerability is not easy, but it is authentic.

Cliche or Not to Cliche?

Heartfelt content is what gives impact to motivational posts. What is your favorite quote? How does it influence your company brand or align with your company values? Sharing these types of messages with purpose is how your community starts to resonate with your messages, and in turn, your engagement rises.

Share Stories

Our world is alive with storylines. It is time to share yours. What has your company or the people within the company done today to change the life of someone else? How have others affected yours? By putting the focus on the heart of you, your people and your company will result in your community responding.

Industry Expert

It is a time to connect and be helpful rather than showcase your products. Offer educational content or share resources. We often follow companies to learn more about their industry to offer additional resources for our clients. It is always satisfying to be able to provide a good source when we are not able to fulfill a specific need. Let us focus for a moment on - community over competition.


When a question is asked, answer as soon as you are available. Should someone leave a comment on your post, offer a response. Lead by example. We believe during these times you should keep an 80/20 ratio in mind when using social media. 80% to be personable in some fashion, followed by 20% being related to services or products. Yup, we have opinions! However, it has produced results. Fun fact: 86% of people using social media want brands to be honest. Want the source? Check out this cool survey from Sprout. (Source: Social Sprout)

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