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Deer in Headlights

Have you ever faced a turning point in a project and all of a sudden you freeze like a deer in headlights? Like your mind has drawn a complete blank. You have the stepping stones all laid out and you know what your end goal is but the journey to get there has suddenly become muddied.  We will all face this situation at some point.  Most of the time this results due to overthinking leading to analysis paralysis. Really, we just need to get out of our own heads. Eventually, something has to give right? Our team has come up with a few tips and tricks to jump the hurdles.


Hear us out! Headstands have multiple health benefits including stress relief, increased focus, improving blood flow to the eyes and your scalp (and mind too)!!. The best part - it makes you happy. If headstands aren’t your thing, try running, lifting weights, dancing, yoga, rowing or any other form of movement.  

Throwing a Wet Towel

Grab a shower/ bath towel and get it soaking wet with a water hose. (Best to do this outdoors, unless you like water trails through your house!) Lift the towel above your head and slam it down on the ground for at least three rounds. This truly lightens the stress load, you can literally feel it let some of that excess energy go, allowing your mind to unwind. 


We have a motto around here, just do it. Not to be borrowed from Nike but the real version had to be censored for various reasons.  Instead of thinking about all the ways, it could be done or the strategy to do it, just START! By beginning the process, you have already conquered one of the hardest parts of the project - getting the wheel in motion. As you go along, you can work through all the noise. It may not all make sense at first, but at least it’s a starting point which is better than no point at all.  The trick is to focus on something other than your need to get it DONE. By allowing your mind to relax - ideas will flow. You’ll find inspiration in the least expected places. Get yourself out of the headlights and run free!  

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