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7 Ways to Make Your Holiday Marketing Stand Out

‘Tis the season!  Or close to it. With the Holiday season quickly approaching it’s time to start ramping up your marketing efforts. This time of year the competition for attention is getting fierce and will continue to do so throughout the upcoming coming months.  Keeping your brand top-of-mind should be your goal today, tomorrow and into the rest of the year. Which is why we offer these seven tips to help you do just that!

1. Use tactics that grab attention

Customers during this time become overwhelmed with all the different communication mediums. They are viewing emails, catalogs, mailers and social media. With so much to look at their attention span starts to dwindle rapidly. In order to keep your customers engaged your marketing tactics need to not only grab their attention but keep hold of it.  While it’s important to reach out to your customers across different mediums, there are many ways you can narrow your marketing to make a more memorable impression. Animations, videos and GIFs are great examples of ways you can enrich your brand on digital platforms. Simple embellishments like raised spot UV, embossing, foiling or textured stocks offer something unique and special for printed pieces. 

2. Tell your audience what sets your brand apart

Are your products made locally or sourced within the United States? Do you donate a portion of your sales to a nonprofit organization within your community? Consider what sets your company apart from the competition and share it.  Customers are drawn to companies with unique aspects - brands who have more personality and align with their own values. Don’t be shy - broadcast it to your audience and let them know what you stand for!

3. Take a customer-first approach

Start with your WHY!  We could explain why it’s important to share what your products or services can do for your customers FIRST. Instead, we offer this video explaining how Apple inspired change. Even though it's about how great leaders inspire action, the segment from 2:20 to 4:30 provides food for thought in regards to marketing.

4. Personalize your campaigns

Actions speak louder than words. Creating a highly targeted campaign is a great way to show your customers you understand them. By personalizing different elements to their wants and needs, you can prove it! How does this work? Gain clarity on your target audience by defining who they are. Know who the buyers are and what makes them tick - what do they care about, especially around this time of year. Divide your audience into groups such as prospective buyers versus returning customers. Craft different messages for each group in your content and campaigns. Recognize what their challenges and pain points are and offer different solutions to make their lives easier.

5. Appeal to emotions

The holidays bring out many strong emotions including gratitude, hope, reflection, celebration and togetherness. Using these emotions can add a special touch to your campaign and inspire a more positive impression with your customers and how they feel towards your brand.  As an example, some families will appeal to traditions and celebrations, while other families might be more impressed with sentiments of wonder and excitement. Make it a point to encompass these emotions in the images, messages and overall aesthetic of your campaign.

6. Keep up with your content strategy

Instead of a sales-heavy focus in your approach, try coming from a place of informative, inspirational and seasonal content. Making deeper connections through content proves value to your customer and engages them instead of just selling to them.  The holidays offer a special opportunity to experience your brand in a different way. Don’t miss the opportunity!

7. Share in the spirit of the season

Sharing is caring! In the spirit of the season, show gratitude to your customers for supporting your business by sending thank-you cards. Spend time with your team and host a pot-luck style lunch. Pay it forward...make an impact in the community by doing good, heartfelt activities.

Think strategically for seasonal marketing

Not to add extra pressure or anything but holiday marketing does require extra effort to ensure your brand stands out from the competition. Be mindful of your audience, pay attention to your messaging and notice what gives your company a little boost from all the noise in the market.

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