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Signage: Fabergé Style

Signage is a service that is multifaceted. The possibilities begin at something as simple as yard signs and banner stands, then extend to and beyond vinyl wall wraps and dimensional lettering. Recently we had the honor of helping Fabergé showcase their new featured designer in the Galleria Mall with a few removable vinyl wall wraps and foamboard inserts in their displays. 

And so the story goes... 

When Fabergé reached out to us with a tight deadline and signage needs, we knew we would need to work quickly.  The clock was ticking and we had 5 days to get details from Fabergé about their vision, site survey completed within the Galleria Mall, print-ready artwork, production completed and install done all before 5pm on the fifth day.  Given the timeline and the time difference, we knew efficiency was key to getting this project completed. The entire London team along with the stateside team worked closely together and man are they coherent! After our call, we scheduled a site survey for the next day and had the details sent back to London to create their kaleidoscope artwork. It is important to make sure the measurements on a project like this are extremely accurate. The phrase “measure twice, cut once” has a lot of meaning when it comes to installs and anything sign production. 😉

Fast forward a bit…

We choose to use a material called Rad Grafix because it can easily be taken down without damage to their property but having longevity enough to last a few months in a high traffic space.  When we assist with determining the best material for each project, it’s all about questions and conversations around the end goal. The more we can chat and find exact needs the better we can make a cohesive decision.  Initially, there was a discussion about using the removable vinyl for the seasonal change at the rear of their displays as well. After finding out the displays were made of suede, we knew that wasn’t an option and because permanent wasn’t an option for them, we decided to go with foam board. Easy to insert, easily removable and cost-effective for their needs.  The end product came out quite stunning. 
Wow!!! The installation looks fantastic – thank you SO much for turning this around for us so quickly, it’s been a pleasure to work with you. Everything was so quick and easy and nothing too much trouble, which is hard to come by and very much appreciated (especially when working from different continents!) We look forward to working with you again in the future! - Katherine Wow wow wow! Thank you so much, everyone, these look absolutely incredible. Thank you for pulling together to make this happen! - Emily
Whether you are planning to showcase a designer or freshen up your office space, we are here to help. Give us a call at (713) 785-0300 or fill out our contact us form and one of our representatives will reach out to you!

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