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How to Leverage Signage for Marketing Your Business

As you walk through the cityscape, take a moment to look at the signage, it’s everywhere. Businesses showcase signs of all types from posters of their products, window clings of current sales, vinyl decals of business hours or flags and banners to direct us to them. Did we mention it’s everywhere?  Signage is a major part of how consumers act and react to your business, just as the messages they deliver. From a business standpoint, this reveals that having the right signage in place is incredibly important to success.

Why Signage Is Important for Any Business

There are many roles signs play in business. Branded collateral and advertisements are simple explanations. If we explore beyond the simplicity, they are a dynamic and powerful tool.  Beyond the purpose of selling, there are other ways to contemplate sign usage:
  • Directing or inviting a customer to take a desired action
  • Creating a wonderment or promoting interest
  • Informative or educational-based information about your brand
  • Brand awareness - always!
  • Standing out from the crowd
Signage is a real and tangible way for consumers to interact with your brand. They will base their assumptions on the presentation and message delivered - warranted or otherwise.  By positioning your signage in a positive light, opportunities will present for your company. A consumer may drop in, make a purchase or develop a positive rapport with your brand that leads to recommendations. Unfortunately, bad representation and messaging can lead to alternative reactions. Lackluster signage will spark lackluster results and consumers who view your business with lower expectations or perceptions. In a culture where perception is reality, quality signage is vital and important.

Make Signage Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Unlike the digital avenue, consumers can’t send their signs to spam or unsubscribe from their presence. It’s a staple never removed from their visibility while interacting with your brand.  For these reasons, signage will up your marketing strategy game. It offers the opportunity to touch consumers in a way your other channels aren’t capable of doing and reinforces the messaging. It is a way also to nourish your loyalty with existing customers.  Want to talk about infinite possibilities? The where, when, and how you display signage gives a wide range of possibilities to build awareness, drive traffic and spark more sales. Reaching the right people, at the right time and with the right message are three important factors in marketing.  You’ve heard location is everything right? Signage offers you the opportunity to choose the location of it being displayed. A sign in the window of a business will prompt an immediate response whereas, an advertisement in an airport will be considered more informational. Considering the context of a location and how the message will be received is important to remember. 

Use Signs to Grab Attention

Think of the audience your business serves. Consider copy, visuals, tone, branding, and a call to action that best serves your audience. The idea is to push them to interact with your business and brand!  The most beautiful concept with signs is the ability to transform. Any size, any shape, color or material that can be displayed almost anywhere. The only limitation is your imagination.  Here are some best practices to keep in mind. 
  • Consistency is key - stick to what gets attention
  • A common rule of thumb - no more than seven words
  • Make text large enough to easily read from afar 
  • Keep colors inviting but on brand
  • Contrast is important in text or background color - keep it legible
Get creative and don’t be afraid to try new things. How about arrows on the floor that guide or lead consumers to a final destination? Consider placement in a bathroom or on a billboard where immediate action isn’t possible but unexpected placement causes an imprint in the mind that can be more meaningful. 

What Signs are Best for Your Business?

Intention is key here. Listed below are common sign types for commercial usage. 

Banners, Flags, and Large-scale Signage

It’s nearly impossible to miss banners, flags or other large signage outside a storefront. These are made to grab the attention of consumers to communicate a clear message and draw them in. 

Window, Wall and Floor Graphics

The ability to boost brand awareness, give direction - literally and figuratively, while promoting clear actions can be achieved with window, wall and floor graphics Wall graphics offer an opportunity to reinforce your brand and showcase your values. Think of a branded wall with a larger than life statement! Remember those wayfinding graphics we presented earlier? Another way to use floor graphics is to deliver branded messages, such as social distancing. Window clings allow for flexibility in changing your message. These are useful for short term marketing ie: a sale lasting only a week or a virtual event. 

Digital Signage

Digital signage is a sign with greater flexibility and personalization than most. It makes for an easy way to adjust messaging depending on the time of day and a variety of audiences. GIFs, videos and animations replace stative imagery. Touchscreens and digital wayfinding signs encourage consumer interaction.

Vinyl Wraps

Vinyl wraps aren’t just for vehicles. Think kiosks, furniture, cornhole boards, windows, or just about anything with a smooth surface. All these alternatives are opportunities to curate advertisements with a clear and concise message in yet another way.  When considering vinyl wraps, think of the placement as this method has benefits others do not, such as weather resilience, full customization across shapes, sizes, styles and colors; reusability when printed with the proper materials.  Signage options don’t end there! Neither do the possibilities for attracting and engaging with consumers. Learn more about how you can customize your signage to make the biggest impact and bring your message to life - talk to one of our experts at AlphaGraphics of West Houston.

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