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4 Ways for Your Business to Support the Community

We are never shocked to hear the various ways Houstonians band together during disasters. Our community is strong and always willing to step up to the plate when it matters most. As a local business, we are woven into the fabric of our community. We have an opportunity to partner with other businesses, charities or members of the community to show support in light of the challenges we face. Actively being involved in the community can have long-lasting benefits for your business. Think of companies like Gallery Furniture and H-E-B; who pour into the community and in return, build brand recognition, encourage local buying, forge deeper relationships with the community and harness loyalty. No matter the size, your business can do the same. Here are four ways you can support and engage with the Houston community.

Call Attention to Milestone Moments

Milestones and monumental life moments haven’t received as much recognition as they normally would in the last year. One way to humanize your brand and support your community connections is to celebrate these moments! High school and college graduations, local athletic events, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, grand openings and so many more occasions are worth celebrating. Highlighting local individuals that go above and beyond the call of duty deserve shoutouts as well.  Customized banners, yard signs, handwritten notes on personalized stationery, posters and window clings are ways to bring attention to your chosen milestone through tangible pieces. Designing digital graphics to share the message is another useful medium of communicating your support. Make it part of your brand culture to celebrate and spread positivity while making your customers feel extra special.

Sponsor a Local Cause or Event

Most industries and businesses are in need of extra support in these times. Sponsoring events and causes closely linked to your community allows your brand to get in front of potential customers and shows you are right there with them! There are a variety of ways to bolster both local events and your business. Sponsoring a children’s athletic team opens the opportunity to have your name on their uniforms or on a banner on the playing field. Consider sponsoring nonprofit programs or community events. Some of the benefits can include your logo on all printed materials, t-shirts, promotional items and signage at the event. Events provide a plethora of opportunities for brand awareness, regardless of whether it’s an in-person event or virtual. The chance to host a table, donate giveaways or give a short presentation offer an elevated experience with your brand in front of a broader audience.

Share Your Expertise

Since the world has felt the adjustments of being more centered in their home base; the desire to learn more, stay active and better ourselves has come to the forefront. Reflecting on this reality - think of ways your company can expand its value beyond providing products and services. Tap into the knowledge held within your company to bring useful information to your audience. Hosting virtual events, webinars and Live talks on social media platforms are ways to deliver information and offer an opportunity for your audience to engage with your team and the brand. Think on a larger scale - businesses can band together to highlight each other and cross share on social media. Supporting each other does not always mean through a monetary exchange, although that helps, it’s in the relationships we build and nurture. It’s in the way we interact with each other, sharing resources, tools and experiences.

Partner with Local Brands

Teaming up with your fellow business neighbors and partnerships can foster new ideas and potentially drum up business. Look for other businesses that offer complementary services to yours. Do a brainstorming session of all the ways y’all can work together, such as a service workshop or shop local campaign. These partnerships bring priceless knowledge to both, you and the audience. Not only do you have the chance to network with other business owners and key members within the Houston community, but you have an opportunity to learn from them and with the audience. Community Participation Is Key for Your Business Community presence is important. Supporting businesses from an authentic desire during difficult times will speak volumes about your brand and the leadership behind the scenes. Everyone comes out stronger and more connected. Yes, it helps build brand recognition, build loyalty within the community and have a positive impact but more importantly, it teaches businesses how to be there for each other when we need it the most.

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