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4 Ways to Boost Your Marketing Using Social Distancing Signage

We can all agree social distancing signage isn’t leaving our sights anytime soon. At this point, the generic messaging is overlooked by customers because it’s routine. To grab the right attention, it is time to replace worn-out floor signage and update your messaging.  Signage was needed quickly without much thought put into it. It is a great time to review the state of your COVID-19 signage and decide how it needs to change. We have the time to rethink how to use signage altogether at this moment. Consider these four ways to elevate your marketing with social distancing signage. 

1. Align with Your Branding

By now, we are all aware of the guidelines for social distancing in public. Signs have been used to reinforce these guidelines and act as a reminder to ensure customers follow these practices within your building. Taking this into account, consider this an opportunity to align the signage closer with your brand.  Think redesign. Create signage that incorporates your office décor and brand. Integrate your fonts, colors, shapes, imaginary - or even your brand mascot or character.  Making small shifts with visuals in messaging can lead to an increased awareness and allow for a more pleasurable experience while maintaining safety standards. 

2. Advertise Your Products

Don’t be shy! Use your social distancing signage as a way to promote your products and services. Incorporate product messaging and imagery into graphics.  To illustrate, let’s say your business is a car dealership. Using language such as “Stand a Camry or Jetta Length Apart” while including an image of the vehicle can be an alternative to “Stand 6 Feet Apart”.  A restaurant could us floor graphics to highlight a variety of their most popular dishes every six feet.  This strategy provides an opportunity to cross-selling and upselling as well. 

3. Get Creative

We know that the last thing that comes to mind when you think of health and safety signage is fun. However, there are no requirements  for how social distancing signage has to look. This means you can be creative and have fun with it!  Align your signage with holidays, major events, or seasons - think blooming flowers for spring or beach balls for summer. You could use educational or industry facts on your signs to help others learn about your company. A perfect example is a gym using health facts or a wine shop using themes around different varieties of product.  Having fun with your signage leads to a memorable visit with your business and positive impression with your brand. *Bonus Tip* Creative signs are more eye-catching, meaning customers are more likely to pay attention.

4. Generate Leads

Safety signage can be a powerful lead generation tool by incorporating a QR code. With a quick scan, customers are directed to subscribe to your marketing emails or newsletters, sign up for loyalty programs, receive a discount code, etc.  Lead generation tactics help draw customers’ attention to your signage, engage with your brand, build long-term relationships and provide an added incentive. In the end, you're building meaningful relationships with your audience across multiple platforms.

Create Strategic Signage That Works for Your Brand

Promoting public health and safety doesn’t need to be boring. Turning something generic into a unique opportunity for business marketing and branding is smart.   If it’s the right time to update your signage, reach out to our team at AlphaGraphics of West Houston to replace them with something new and invigorating. Our team has all the resources to craft custom design and messaging to get you noticed and support your marketing efforts. 

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