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How to Capitalize on Big Events and Holidays for Your Marketing Campaigns

Think big events and holiday marketing.  Before you shake your head - hear us out!  2021 still holds the challenge of marketing to our customers on a personal level along with holding events in a safe, socially distancing manner. Using major events, national holidays, awareness days or playful events offer opportunities to align your brand with topics that matter.  Think OTC, Superbowl Sunday, Giving Tuesday, Juneteenth, Chevron Marathon, Best Friends Day… all opportunities. Relating to customer interests is a way to benefit from embracing big events into your marketing. While holidays and events can be top of mind for many customers, they also come with spikes in demand for certain products or services. Awareness of this can support your efforts in showcasing relevant products or services to your community. To make the most of these opportunities, businesses need to capitalize on events and holidays in a way that aligns best with their brand. 

Get Your Message Across in a Big Way

BIG. Bold. Undeniable! Having clarity is vital in your event themed messaging. Your value proposition or sale should have no doubt about what it is. Creating custom signage or digital assets with eye-catching designs that draw people’s attention to what you are advertising. Key take away - drive excitement around the event! Ways to achieve this through signage:
  • Utilize interior & exterior signage 
  • Flags, A-Frames (also known as sandwich boards)
  • Floor Graphics
  • Window Clings
  • Banners
Other trips and tricks can be read on our blog: How to leverage signage to market your business. From a graphics standpoint, always be aligned with your branding but also have fun with the theme. This is a great opportunity to show the personality of your brand and those behind it.

Align Your Marketing Campaigns

To really gain from your efforts, aligning your marketing campaigns is key. Target audience, messaging and channels used are things to remember.   Personalized campaigns are the way to go! (Strong opinion here) Your efforts need to be well thought out and real. Don’t pitch to just anyone. Take your time to craft something that matters. Use recognizable messaging and images that tie into the event. Let them know it means just as much to you as it does to them. Don’t forget to coordinate your campaigns around a timeline leading up to the event and using both digital and print channels to promote it. Each method will allow you to reach various audiences and pinpoint the right medium for each message. 
  • Direct mail - raising awareness in the weeks leading up to the event
  • Email Marketing - low-cost way to market multiple times prior to an event
  • Flyers or Signs - generate awareness and additional interest
  • Social Media - engaging in a two-way conversation before, during and after an event

Share Freebies and Promo Products

Adding a tangible element to your campaign is worth the investment for the potential reward. The opportunity to turn a face-to-face into something more memorable is priceless. The key here is to select items that go well with your brand, stand out from the crowd, are relevant to the event and will be used repeatedly.

Tie in Charitable Giving

Another way to make a meaningful impact in your event is to tie in charitable giving. People enjoy supporting businesses that demonstrate there is more than just profits. Choosing a charitable cause aids in humanizing your brand. Customers experience the role of being part of something bigger than a transaction. Bonus points if you select a local charity as this builds relationships in your community and hits closer to home for your customers.

Big Events Mean Big Opportunities for Marketing

No matter the size, holidays and events provide an opportunity to have fun with your marketing and remain relevant with your audience. To make the most of them, plan ahead. Meaning, you should start now ;) Pull out your calendar and strategize to align your efforts in the best way possible.

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