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How to Create a Brand Experience Using Print and Signs

Every day we encounter an experience with print and signs. They are an integral part of our lives from the products we use to the way we navigate in the world. As a constant interaction, we often don’t realize this is happening.  Businesses use print and signs to enhance the customer experience. Whether this be through business hours listed on windows or training manuals used during the onboarding process, the way people experience your brand matters.  Used appropriately, print and signs aid in making the brand experience more memorable. Leveraging your print materials and signage can shape deeper relationships and craft immersive experiences with your customers.

Break through the Noise and Create a Connection

We are inundated with messages at every turn! Your goal as a brand should be to have the most memorable messages seen and to take action. So how do you break through all the noise with print and signs Appeal. In other words - grab their attention and hold it. Understanding who you are talking to is key. What does your audience value? What are their pain points? Using targeted messages on printed collateral and signage helps open the door to nurturing meaningful connections.  Think about the busy sandwich shop in downtown Houston advertising hot sandwiches made fresh in under five minutes with sidewalk signs, window graphics and fliers. This is an example of a “can’t miss” message showcasing a value proposition that hits home with their target audience.

Bridge the Gap from Message to Experience

Remember that immersive experience we briefly mentioned previously? Take a walk with us down to imagination lane for a moment… Walking down the street you lay eyes on the new coffee house that just opened. Notice their large storefront sign with the name arched across the front doorway. You decide to walk in, the “line begins here” podium sign cues you behind other patrons. To your left is a sign with today’s specials displayed, local events happening and other businesses advertising their services. Behind the counter, a large menu is anchored to the wall and a floor graphic displaying their seasonal flavor of choice, which, by the way, you decide to purchase. The “tap to pay” decal eases the purchasing process when checking out, and you wait by the “pick up here” sign at the end of the counter for the delicious flavor you just ordered. The sleeve hugging your coffee is branded and you pick up a rewards card on your way out the door.  Talk about immersive brand experience.  These experiences aren’t solely for retail-based businesses either. Consultants and service providers can do the same. Take real estate agents. Sending direct mail to prospective buyers about an open house helps ramp up your marketing efforts. On the day of the open house, you have a custom-wrapped vehicle outside and you display a “for sale” sign in the front yard. Upon entry, guests receive a brochure about the property and a business card with your contact information. After completing the sale, you send an agBox - branded gift box filled with swag and goodies - to the new homeowners to celebrate.

Bring Your Brand to Life in Meaningful Ways

Printed materials and signage play a unique role in the customer experience with your brand. Consider whether or not your messages are adding value to your brand experience. Contemplate all the ways you use them - are there other tools you should be utilizing?  Our team is here to support you through making these choices and discovering the right print and sign methods to help you reach your goals. Contact us to set up a discovery meeting to discuss all the options.

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