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5 Tips to Make Your Next Trade Show a Success

Across the country, large events such as trade shows are beginning to fill up businesses’ schedules. Trade shows are an outstanding way to connect with prospective clients and reach a broader audience about your company offerings.  These events are a significant investment but seeing results make the effort worthwhile. Standing out from the crowd is what makes an exhibitor successful. One must craft marketing materials to deploy before, during and after the show that will make a powerful impact.  These five tips offer ways to make the most of your business’s next trade show. 

1. Prepare in advance

One key initiative to make or break an exhibitor's success is their upfront preparations. Take the time to consider all the details of how you’ll promote your booth to what materials you’ll display.  By using the trade show’s target audience and focus, you can hone in on what to feature at your booth. This golden nugget can help determine which products and services will be most relevant to showcase. Play off this when creating your marketing messages.  Requesting the attendee list a few weeks before the show offers an opportunity to email blast or send a print mailer advertising your business’s attendance. Provide a unique offer or special show deal to peak interest further.  Social media hashtags or contests leading up to the event can be great ways to capitalize on trade show marketing. Participate by sponsoring gifts or sharing the contest information across various platforms and mediums. Incentivizing attendees to follow your social media profiles is another way to create excitement leading up to the show.

2. Draw attention to your booth

Competition is stiff once the trade show begins! Having a booth that stands out from the sea of competitors is a must.  Using a creative combination of graphics and signage, you can create an eye-catching space. Products such as backdrops, table displays, retractable banners and signs are staples but try adding unique elements such as floor graphics, kiosks and branded tablecloths to catch more recognition.  Leveraging design in every element should be a must when looking to capture the attendee’s attention. While staying on brand, try using vivid colors and imagery; making sure your logo and business name is front and center. Prominently display quick and easy-to-read text explaining products and services offered while focusing on key differentiators.  Most important of all - efficiently use your space. Avoid clutter. Highlight your best-selling products. Avoid overwhelming your visitors.

3. Provide an interactive experience

Consider carnival-style activities or games to encourage attendees to stick around and learn more. Offering a chance to win branded swag or an exciting giveaway helps engage your audience. Demonstrations are another way to showcase your products and services allowing people to stop, watch and ask questions. Encourage attendees to interact with or try out products themselves with clear signage that explains how.  To cultivate a positive experience, design your booth with interactivity in mind! Ensure there is space to navigate easily and watch or participate in the activities or demonstrations you have planned. 

4. Make a lasting impression

Staying top of mind after the trade show is over is just as important as your attendance. Help people remember you by gifting something they can utilize after their departure.  Company branded swag items are fun and interactive ways to keep your company top of mind once they return to their office. Informative materials such as brochures, look books, tri-folds and sale sheets offer customers to contemplate their decision to purchase and collaborate with their team. Consider an exclusive offer as a way to sweeten the deal.  Make it easy for attendees to find you again! Including QR codes on items leading them to your online presence or adding simple and direct calls to action on offline materials can aid in the process of connecting with you outside of the show. Consider the design of your business card as well...ensure all the information is up to snuff and leads them to you when they’re ready to place an order. 

5. Follow up after the show

There is a great chance trade show attendees are overwhelmed by the amount of information and new connections made during a show. Make sure they remember you and your business by reaching out once it’s over.  Mailing addresses or emails from the attendee list you requested before the show allow for you to send a follow-up via email or direct mail. Some members of the audience may not have engaged with your booth, so keep the messages broader and provide a general overview of the business. For the individuals that visited your booth, make a stronger effort to gain their attention afterward. Create a drip campaign to target those who vested interest in your products or services. Earn trust by sharing valuable insights and content. eBooks, how-to guides, case studies or tips and tricks are a few ways to demonstrate value.  For those who may not have the bandwidth to do some of the above, taking the time to pick up the phone is a way to reiterate your company's value.

Start preparing your trade show materials today

Companies that experience the most success with trade shows are those that plan and prepare their materials early on. Do not delay in designing and producing your offline collateral if you have an event on the schedule.  We’re here to help! Partnering with a print and marketing company like AlphaGraphics of West Houston can ensure your trade show signage, print materials and marketing collateral send consistent messaging about your brand. Reach out to discover how we can assist you in preparing.

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