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4 New Ways to Connect with Customers in 2022

Kick off the new year and fresh start by exploring new technologies or reevaluating customer expectations on behalf of your business.. Continuously examining strategies and considering whether or not it’s time to adjust allows the opportunity to ensure your brand is in alignment with customer expectations. We offer four, not new, but refreshing ways to connect with your customers in the coming year.

Augmented Reality and Interactive Print

The combination of print and technologies has offered a creative integration with traditional media. Augmented reality (AR) infuses digital elements into the user's real world – typically done using a mobile device. With AR, the opportunity to enhance the user’s experience is alive and endless. The ability to create a fun and immersive brand experience anywhere, at any time... That’s almost mind blowing, ya?! Remember the QR code technology from nearly a decade ago? It made a roaring comeback during the pandemic as an alternative way to reduce high touchpoint materials such as menus and forms. Now, businesses are seeking out creative ways to integrate QR codes and other forms of augmented reality. Interesting ways to include AR into your brand:
  • Breathe life into advertisements by involving interactive digital elements that only appear with your smartphone
  • Without taking up space via incorporated QR code, help customers find out more about your products or company

Short-Form Video

TikTok has made big waves with its DIY style of short-form video. With a little elbow grease and some creative vision; perhaps some smartphone savviness as well, you can jump on this trend too. Everyone loves video. With a little fun creative editing, you’re able to showcase your products, services or share your brand story. Short-form video also helps you come across in an authentic and relatable way... unlike a highly produced commercial, which is clearly recognized as marketing. Have fun with it. Watch how your audience responds :D

Hyper-Local Marketing and Advertising

Have you noticed nationwide brands altering their campaigns to fit local or regional audiences? That’s because consumers have grown exhausted of the one-size-fits-all method of marketing. Instead, prospective customers are conducting their own research before purchasing. Customers are more likely to bypass top web results in search for information found on Google business pages. Data points like customer reviews, hours of operation, minority-owned and locally operated are becoming top of the list. In addition to Google, other locally-focused platforms like Nextdoor and Facebook are considered search engines for businesses too. Ensuring helpful and consistent information is available along with positive reviews allows for a connection with the prospective customer. Applying the hyper-local approach to traditional media can be done. Example, Every Door Direct Mail® targets specific carrier routes within your requested zip code. You’re able to get as granular as average household incomes within neighborhoods, allowing for highly personalized messaging. This allows you to build trust with your audience; showing them you know and understand the community and their needs.

Content and Influencer Marketing

We've already established today’s consumers are savvy and skeptical when it comes to marketing. So meet them where they’re at; grab their attention with a value proposition. In walks content marketing by popular demand. Creating content that is both interesting and entertaining while staying relevant to your brand without feeling overly promotional – that’s how you capture attention and garner positive interest. Influencer marketing offers an opportunity for your brand to build a positive association with an individual your audience likes. It’s an effective way for your message to reach your target audience without it feeling forced, carrying the same weight as word-of-mouth recommendation from a trusted friend.

Evolving Your Marketing in 2022

Get out there and try something new with your marketing! Lead by example. The more you demonstrate you understand your audience, the more effective your strategy will be.

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