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The Cause

Madelyn’s Fund helps families with costs related to a NICU stay and funeral expenses for those who have experienced the tragedy of infant loss. The Pink Bow Gala is their largest fundraising event of the year. .


Printed event materials create a tangible connection with attendees long after the event is over, fostering awareness and sustained commitment. Print materials can help you accomplish the following at your next event:

  • Educate attendees about your business or cause, continuing that connection after the event with take-home materials
  • Inspire action, like donations, sponsorship, or further engagement
  • Provide in-depth information about your organization to turn guests into brand or cause advocates

Promotional Products

The event marketing you invest in before and after will bring in more guests for your occasion and keep them involved after it’s over. From mailers to digital and email marketing, promoting your event and staying connected with guest will help you accomplish goals, such as: Build anticipation and set the tone for your event, what to expect, and its themes Spotlight your event with a physical invitation to give it the gusto it deserves (plus, more people will mark their calendar when they get an invitation in the mail) Turn guests into brand loyalists when you follow up with them post-event

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Whether you’re planning a fundraising event, gala, or party, partner with AlphaGraphics to take your event to the next level.

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