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Great ideas are what keep our economy and our businesses growing. They were what created electricity, what first helped the wheel come to fruition, and have been behind every great movement in the past few centuries. We know it might sound like a stretch, but we genuinely believe that without the ideas of visionaries since the dawn of humanity, the modern marketplace would not look quite the same.



What’s changed since great ideas started changing the world? The ability to create stunning visuals that stick with people.

Billboards, signs, mail-based advertisement, and so much more has made a significant impact on the way that materials and products are bought, advertised and sold. But more importantly, print products have made memorable events that much more memorable. AlphaGraphics of South Kansas City has the tools to create memorable images that make your brand or business unforgettable.

Brand Awareness With a Personal Touch

Chances are, there’s some brand or company out there you feel some affinity to. These feelings of kinship come from great advertising and brand awareness. Insurance agencies over the past twenty years have made an impact when comes to promoting their brand awareness -- From the wholesome storylines of commercials to the funny one-liners to the surreal and memorable ads, they found a way to get their product to stick in your head.

But brand awareness does not only relate to advertising and commercial-based products. The ability to create memorable Christmas cards, invitations, event banners, and more is part of what has driven recent memories of the times in our lives that mean the most. Brand awareness is a way of creating something that sticks out from your standard printed material and lasts even when that printed material has been recycled or stored in a scrapbook.

Today’s world is heavily visual, and wholly personal, thanks to great strides in technology. Technology and its impact on humanity are why your company’s brand awareness (or the memorability of your event) depends upon visually impactful printed materials. AlphaGraphics provides printing, mailing products, and sign services which meet with the needs of a visually-dependent world.

Modern Printing and Visuals Which Meet All Your Needs

Printing and visuals are not just for advertisement, although they certainly aid in the memorability of brands. Printed goods are varied forms celebration -- used to create moods, direct people in a specific manner, and work as visual reminders of events to come. As well as advertisement, modern printing services also provide:

ADA compliant signage for businesses

  • Directional banners for events, such as “McCarthy Wedding This Way” signs or date and time reminder banners
  • Personalized holiday cards for the same price as impersonal and tired conventional cards
  • Personalized invitations and thank-you cards
  • Post-its, personalized letterhead, and custom stationery for home offices and small business needs
  • Customized labels and souvenirs from events


Modern is supposed to equate to easy-to-use, time-saving, chic, and professional. AlphaGraphics of Kansas City strives to incorporate all of these meanings into each print we do -- regardless of how big or small the job is.

Trust AlphaGraphics of South Kansas City for Your Visual & Printed Needs

We’ve all been there-- you search a term or search for a product, click on the first website on the search results, and it takes you to a page loaded with keywords but so poorly laid out your eyes cross. Lack of proper content segmentation, poor font choices, and poorly-written descriptions linger. Fuzzy images grace their websites, and it’s nearly impossible to find the products you are looking for on them. For those of us at AlphaGraphics, moments like these strengthen our belief that the traditional can often make more of an impact on customers and the people we love.

AlphaGraphics combines the best of both worlds -- the traditional beauty of printing with the crisp professionalism of digital images. By combining these two things, we provide the tools you need to get ahead of your competition or just create the memorable event materials you need.

Ready to get started? Set up a consultation today by calling (913) 236-8888. For more information on what we do, or to meet some of our dedicated staff members, stop by our location today.

Find us at 14965 West 117th Street in Olathe. Our hours are from 7:30 am - 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. If you reach us after we close, you can expect to hear from us within 24 business hours.


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